Friday, January 15, 2010

And the Assbag of the Day Award goes to....

Ron Huberman, our CEO here in ChiTown. Check this out.

And yet, I can't get copies made cuz we don't have a copy machine that works. Hell, I can't even get PAPER!! We don't have enough books, we don't have working computers, oh, holy hell, I'm stopping this rant right here!!!!


Joan said...

A driver? That driver makes $230k a year? Are you kidding me? I tell you, between the district fat cats and the killing made from NCLB... Have they no shame?

Katy said...

Holy shit! The "CEO" of our district drives his own car just like everyone else. Two cars leased? What an ass. You'll have to keep us posted on the fallout from this article, I'm guessing parents and teachers will raise holy hell!

miss r said...

As the former head honcho of the CTA, I think he should use public transportation!

Change for Good said...

Our sup makes $260 a year, has a car (no driver), a YMCA membership, and a few other things I can't remember. We also paid his rent for almost two years. He STILL has not moved his family here....they live in MA. That really shows he is on the next train out at any moment. He also has short man's complex.

I am feeling your copier pain. Ours have been out for the past MONTH. Yet, there is a precious one in the office that we cannot use at all. WORKS PERFECTLY. In the fall when it broke for the billionth time our principal made a big deal about how he believed in teachers and he chose to put the school's money into teachers not materials. (We do have a REALLY low class rate for this belief....and he will beg for money from anyone.) I'm good with journals and all, but seriously...I have to have some worksheets for homework, because we know textbooks are not coming back.

Thanks for your sweet comments about HH. :) Enjoy your three day weekend. Did you hear that Denver Public Schools are going to school on that should go to and read the article.

Clippy Mat said...

ooh that is SO wrong.
and just annoying!
the sh*t will hit the fan now.
keep us posted on what happens next.
and don't be swayed if they try to buy your silence with a new packet of copier paper.

Busy Bee Suz said...

WOW. What an idiot...I'd be ranting as well!!

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Yeah, I think I'd be screaming about this.... if he's making
$230K per year, he can afford to pony up a car payment like the rest of us, and he doesn't need a freakin' driver for crying out loud.

What a pu$$y. (Pardon the french.)