Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holy Hump Day!

I'm really gonna need to figure out a way to find some patience with this class! They are driving me freakin' crazy!

Ms. H. was able to help out for about an hour this morning, thank God. I simultaneously felt bad for her, and wanted to laugh out loud. She was trying to help some of the kids write their names, and they were making her crazy. I must have heard her say at least three times, "There's only ONE of me!" I probably say that 100 times a day!

These babies need a LOT of help. I'm trying so hard to not get discouraged. I'm tellin' ya, that last group spoiled me rotten! They were so smart. AND sweet and well behaved (for the most part.) This group, jeezaloo! None of them want to keep their mouths shut, nor keep their hands to themselves. I have at least 3 little Bossy Bessies. Oh, and I'm now up to 29 kids (plus about 15 no shows. Believe it or not, people have been making home visits to find out where these no shows are. I hope they find about 20 more kdg. kids so we can open another room!). Yeah, good times, good times....

Ms. H. also came for about an hour this afternoon, but surprise, surprise, she wanted to help me with something OTHER than the kids. tee hee! She put the labels I made on the mailboxes, then made me folders for all the babies so I can start their portfolios. I'm embarrassed to say I already had to resort to using a video today. I actually was close to wetting my pants over it, since New Principal made it pretty clear that she doesn't want us using our TVs. However, I had an "excuse" all ready to go, on the off-chance that she happened to walk in the room. We've been spending quite a bit of time each day with Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom. Naturally, they love it as much as every other class has. I put the video version on for them so that I could start assessments. It kept them very quiet, which was a nice change! I'm tempted to put it on for about 6 hours tomorrow!

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