Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, today was just as boring as yesterday. The only highlight is that I brought my own lunch, so I was able to eat. (They were providing us with lunch these past two days, but it was sandwiches, chips and cookies. Let's see...I'm not eating bread, chips or cookies (NO CARBS!) so lunch was a big bust yesterday. I was starving by the time I got home.) I brought a salad, and then grabbed a club sandwich box and put all the meats and cheeses on my salad. YUM! It was quite tasty. I brought the cookies and chips home to Stud both days.

OK, on to school news. Mrs. F. sent text messages several times yesterday and today to let me know how things were going, and to let me know everytime a NEW STUDENT arrived! Oh, no, I'm NOT kidding!!! As of the last text, I'm up to 38. 38 freakin' students!! That has GOT to be enough to open the other kdg. back up, don't you think? Either that, or New Principal is going to HAVE to let me switch to half-day. There's no way I can have 38 babies in that tiny room all freakin' day, especially without any real help. Believe me, I appreciate every moment I get with Ms. H., but it's only been about an hour in the am and an hour in the pm. She didn't even come to school on Wednesday. I have no idea if she was there Thur. and Fri. to help Mrs. F. (Good God, I hope so!)

I'm just gonna let this go. My weekend has begun and I don't want to devote any more energy to the stress this is causing me. I'm going to kick back and relax, and enjoy the beautiful weather we're having. It's only in the high 60s right now (WOO HOO!) and the rest of the weekend is supposed to be just as pleasant. As much as I LOVE this weather, I'm afraid it might put a damper on Stud's weekend. He went away to Michigan for the weekend with a friend. The friend's family has a house on the lake, so I know they plan to do lots of swimming. Oh, well, kids don't care how cold it is, right? Let's hope so! Have a great weekend, all my Bloggy Buddies!


jwg said...

Either half day or you divide the group in half and each half comes every other day. The other alternative is 3 assistants.That many kids is just not possible.How do you remember their names, and how many have the same name?

Anonymous said...

That's nuts--that has to be enough for some action. This is kindergarten for Pete's sake, they need lots of individual attention. Are your parents the type that will start calling and complaining--they usually have a lot more pull on these matters. The School Board doesn't care if the teachers are upset,but please don't upset the parents! Kindergarten parents are pretty attentive--especially if this is their firstborn that is entering the school system. I would recommend using some sick days (at least one a week) until this matter is remedied! Good luck to you. YSIE

PS I agree--who thought of those in-services anyway?? I think all they are for is to justify some of those administrative curriculum jobs. Let's get those people out there with the kids where you can see the results of their talents! I'm stepping down off my soap box now.

ChiTown Girl said...

jwg-I LOVE your idea of every other day!!! It would be a cold day in hell before anyone would go for that, but it's brilliant! :) I have 3 girls with the same name, but 3 different spellings. I have to boys whose names are only off by one letter, so I NEVER call them the right name! I have no idea about the 7 who came while I was out. Yikes!

MSIE- Sadly, the majority of our my parents just see me as the free all-day babysitter. As long as THEY don't have to deal with their kids from 9-3, they don't really care what's going on. I think their might be some complaining if we go to half-day, though, cuz that's cuts their free daycare time in half! ;-)

ChiTown Girl said...

Holy crap! That's supposed to be *TWO boys
*there might be...
*THAT cuts

I need to wake up!!! Or, proof read... ;-)

K-Teacher said...

I feel your pain.... I was a second grade teacher who was transferred to K after maternity leave (I also had the least seniority in the building). My first year in K was 2 half day sessions . The morning group was 31 kids & the afternoon group was 33! Yes 64 kids plus an 8 month old baby at home!!!

Over the years I've had anywhere from 28 to 37 kids in my class at any given time. One day I went to the ladies room and when I came back there were 2 new ones.

On the bright side ... we don't begin classes 'til the Tues. after Labor Day.

Jason, as himself said...

WHUUUUUT? 38 kindergartners in one room with one teacher all day long? No wonder you call your school the Hell Hole.

ChiTown Girl said...

K-Teacher: Um....HOLY CRAP!!! 64 kids!? I would have walked right out of there, I'm sorry.

Jason: Thanks for your support, my friend. And, I'm glad you finally understand the name :)

C said...

holy fucking blowjobs, cheech!
that is just downright dirty. i think you ought to send a lil anonymous note to the fucking chicago tribune or which ever the fuck the newspaper is there, and discuss the problems with over crowded class rooms in KINDERFUCKINGGARTEN. make it juicy so as to upheave the public peeps. get some tv news time stirred up. holy fuckaroni thats really bad and also, whenever i write to you i swear so much fuckin more than fuckin normal and i am dumbfounded as to why.

oh, i know why now.

it's cuz you are the cheechiest cheech i have ever met, that's fuckin why.

and you absolutely rock even if you do work in satan's hole.
ewwwww, that could be taken in the wrong context.

g'head, take it wrong i really meant it that way anyways cuz i'm a fuckin freight train like that.

ya really definately must have to do something. it ain't right. it's just not fucking right.

know anyone who would consider arson for ya?

like in the middle of the night....

with no moon out....

dressed in black and creeping around like the fucking steven seagal goin nutsoid in the woods?


me neither.

oh well, it was just a thought.

come on baby light my school i mean fire....


jwg said...

Just be prepared if they do split the class for half day for the screaming that follows. All of a sudden parents who've never been heard from before start raising hell because their little darling is upset at having a new teacher. And be sure that the split is done randomly, because if not some administratore will stick you with all the "interesting" children.

Angela said...

I'm currently moping because my third grade class is up to 22, which is a violation of Florida cap size laws (should be 18). However, after reading your post, I shall refrain from complaint. [bows respectfully]

Clippy Mat said...

one word.
that you are expected to do this and 2 that you might go insane if you do.
don't go insane chitown girl.