Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ugh! It's HOT!

Well, it's over. Whatever else needs to be done will have to wait til next week. Or, whenever the hell I get around to it! My bestest friend was gracious enough to come to the ghetto with me this morning and help me finish my room. We were there for about 3 hours, in the sweltering heat! As one of my cousins would say, I was sweatin' like a hooker in church! It wasn't even sunny while we were working, but the humidity could choke a horse. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like next week, when there are 30+ little sweaty bodies in there with me, generating even more heat! Ugh!!!

The sun decided to come out as we were leaving, and I think that we're actually going to get the unbearable heat the weather people have been predicting for today. I think I even heard as high as 96. I don't want to go off on another rant about how much I hate summer heat, so I'ma go now. ;-)


miss r said...

CPS always has good intentions but never really thinks them through. My whole district went year-round years ago, but updated all the buildings with central air so that we would not DIE in August.

Clippy Mat said...

nice of your friend to help you out.
i think i'm with you on the heat and humidity. hate it!
and i love that saying, 'sweating like a hooker in church.'
just noticed your weight loss widget. well done. :-))

Coll said...

First of all, ChiTown Girl and her cousin would like to apologize to any hookers reading the blog....they meant no offense....we really WERE sweating that much!! ;- )

Secondly, I want to wish my BFF a WONDERFUL first day of school tomorrow! Tell the Jerrys I said, "Hello" and that I'll be in to meet them soon!