Friday, September 19, 2008


There are a bunch of things I've wanted to post, but somehow always forget once I get home. I have a couple of minutes, so I thought I'd better do it right now.

This f-ed up sign was taped to the microwave in the teachers' lounge last week. Keep in mind, it was written by our "business manager." This woman is in charge of ALL OUR MONEY!!!
Who are interested looking at this next picture need to keep reading. This is the bulletin board in our main hallway, right outside the office. It faces the front door, so it's literally the first thing you would see if you walked in our front door.
First, why the hell is attendance in quotes? Second, what the hell is the message supposed to be?! As we say in Englewood, I'm gonna juss le'it go...

This REALLY is just random stupidness. I took a picture of my "color birds" one day because it was sooo flipping humid (and hot!) that they curled up on the wall. They are usually flat.

One last thing for tonight. When I came out to leave yesterday, I was very unpleasantly surprised by this:

You can't begin to know how pissed off I am about this. Apparently there were some kids outside throwing rocks in the teacher parking lot, and this is the result. I did manage to file a police report, but nothing else has really been done about this yet. I really don't want to get my blood boiling again, so once again, I'm gonna juss le'it go!

I'm off for a much-needed, looonnnnggg awaited, Girls' Night with my sister and my brother's girlfriend. Maybe tomorrow I'll come back and actually tell you something about the babies.

Calvin: You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don't help. ---Bill Watterson, It's a Magical World


Suz said...

I hate it about your windshield. That really stinks. I could not see the first sign about the microwave. My eyes are getting bad...I need it BIGGER. :)
I hope your weekend is good...and your week coming up is better.
take care.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Seriously.... I have the same EXACT thing going on on My windshield!!!

I loved the randomness from your school :-) That note was flippin' hilarious!

I've begun to notice more "funnies" about Zak's school being PTA sec. and being around school a whole lot more!!!

Hugs :-)
I am back in the swing of things but haven't had a night off of "things going on" yet where I can put forth a blog!!! I can't wait for MONDAY cause that night we have NOTHING to do and sadly I won't be blogging.... I'll be sittin on the couch being a couch potatoe!!

former UN, now employed :) said...

so your previous posts about small class sizes and cute dibels stories were starting to make me feel bad about leaving. this post makes me feel better.

please allow me to add some context for the note for your readers.
this note, asking people to donate a dollar to buy a new microwave, was written by the business manager. She makes on record $80,000. Her main role is to order things. I have ordered things from her 4 times. Each time she failed at either a. placing the order b. placing the order on time or c. placing the order correctly.
If you've ever ordered something ever in your life, you are aware that those three things are essentially all that goes into ordering. So to review, this woman's job is to place orders, and she's not capable of doing that.

Also one time she told me I looked pregnant. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that.

Christina Shaver said...

What is so great "about" that attendance bulletin board is that kids will actually get stuff that most students at other schools get already. And doesn't the State of Illinois need to provide free bus service to all children because of the No Child "Left" Behind act? Or maybe I'm not getting something.

That poster reminded me of the sign hanging on the front of our public school -- we're zoned for one on the West Side. I'm sure yours has it too. There's a sign that says no handguns or grenades or weapons or drugs with a picture of each of them. Sure makes me sad about the state of schools.

Sorry about your "windshield." Dang.