Monday, September 15, 2008

I only have a second...

...but I wanted to write this down before I forgot. First of all, I jinxed myself, just as predicted! I received a new boy today. More about that later. I was giving him one of the assessments that I have to give him, and during one part, he was identifying colors for me. First he made me giggle (on the inside, of course!) because he called red "dark orange." The first time I pointed to it, he said "orange," then the next one I pointed to was orange, and he again said, "orange." So, I went back to red and asked again for him to identify it, and he said, "That's dark orange." Naturally, that was accompanied by a look that said, "Jeez, Lady, are you stupid?" The last color I asked him to identify was black. As soon as he said it, he said, "I don't like black, cuz that's what makes nighttime scary." Let's all say it together now....aawwwww!

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Suz said...

awwwww. how cute.
that reminds me that my nephew who was 10 at the time had the same phone as my oldest. It was a magenta razor phone. My girls told him he had a pink phone...he said no, it is "light" red. Cute what comes out of their mouths.