Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mmm hmm...

I wonder how long this is gonna last. Yesterday, I was up at 4 am, today is was 2-something. I finally had to get out of bed about 2:40 am because I couldn't lie there anymore. Plus, Buster was pacing around, and I figured he wanted to go out.

I ended up cleaning the bathroom from about 3:30 til 5. Yeah...I've seen truck stop bathrooms that were less disgusting. But, I knew that was going to be waiting for me when I left two men home alone for two weeks.

I have to say, though, that CSJ had a few sweet surprises for me when I got home. He did a big clean in the kitchen, including washing the floor and wiping down ALL the cabinets. Sweet!! I also came home to find my bed all made up, which was really nice. And, there was not one single item in the laundry. Very sweet, indeed.

Speaking of sweet, the first time I checked my computer, the temperature widget said 44. Yep, that's NOT a typo. Forty-four glorious degrees!! I went outside with Buster for a while, in my nightshirt, and just enjoyed the hell out of it! Even now, it only says about 62. I hope this lasts for a while.

Now, on to the cuteness. (What!?! I haven't bored you with Monkey stuff in over two weeks!) My brother tried to send this to me in Italy, but I didn't get it until yesterday. I very nearly peed my pants watching this.

God, I love this baby!!! I'm actually going to be having breakfast with her this morning. Woo hoo!! Thanks to my Caesar's Revenge (thanks, Jack! I loved that!) I didn't get to see her yesterday. I can't wait to go her up. I'm going to (finally!) be downloading pictures and videos later today, so I'll be back with that later.


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Oh my gosh....she is delicious. Wayyyyy better than spaghetti-o's!!!