Thursday, September 13, 2012

Funding Needed...

Before I left for Italy, Stud was asked to join his former high school drama director on an amazing new project. His former director, Rocco, hired him to be the graphic art and costume designer for a show that he is trying to get produced. It's an all-male burlesque version of Dante's Inferno. The "costumes" that Stud will be designing are actually body paint costumes. Umm...yeah... Thankfully, I'm pretty sure I've raised the LEAST homophobic child on the planet. :)

Now, naturally, Rocco needs to raise some major funds to get this project produced. You may recall that my cousin, who happens to be gay, threw a huge bash right before I left for Italy. Stud thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pitch the show to my cousin, his boyfriend, and some of their friends. I was really kind of impressed with the initiative he took, I must say.

Rocco has put up a proposal on a site called indiegogo*, in order to raise the needed funds. Here's their page, including an intro video. (Click on the picture) If you're interesting in helping out the cause, you can make a contribution right on this page.

(*Some of you may remember that years ago, I posted several grant proposal on a site called Donor's Choose, which is specific to teachers. Indiegogo is a similar site, but I believe you can post proposals for just about anything.)

I hope they are able to raise the money they need to get this show produced. I'm really excited for Rocco. And, I'm excited for Stud in that this will be his first paid gig in this arena.

Feel free to share the link to the indiegogo page with ANYONE you think may be interested!

Just because it makes me laugh, I'm reposting a picture of Stud and Rocco from one of their summer drama club show nights. They could be brothers! Rocco also has an Italian mother and a Mexican father. He's actually young enough to be our son. (And, NO, that's NOT the same as saying I'm old enough to be his mother!)


Busy Bee Suz said...

That is so awesome...I hope they get the show 'on the road'!!!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I think that's fantastic! And I would donate if I could - but you know my situation. lol
BTW thanks for all of your support & sweet comments. I wish I could reply to them individually but since you're no-reply I can't. =( But I do appreciate it very much!