Saturday, July 2, 2011

Are you suffering with insomnia?

Well, I've got the cure for ya right here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

We had a weird weather day yesterday. Despite all my worrying, we never had the heat wave we were warned about. I guess it had something to do with the HUGE storm we had the night before. It only made it into the high 80s (did I just say 'only'!?) when all was said and done. Most of the morning here was very overcast, with the strangest clouds I've ever seen. They were SO strange, I felt compelled to take pictures and video for you. You're welcome.

Doesn't this look like a photoshop trick?
I threw this one in here for Suz, C, Smiley, and all the other animal lovers out there. Despite how much I complain about him, Buster is still the cutest dog I've ever seen.I hate the sound of my annoying voice on video, so I purposely didn't say a thing while I was taping this. Just when you thought video couldn't get any more boring....

If you aren't yawning by now, I suggest you call the doctor to get a prescription for Ambien. I tried, people, I tried.

~~I figured out how to add something to my blog the other day. I've got a shiny new penny for anyone who can tell me what it is. :) ~~


La Roo said...

I too finally figured out how to add things to my blog as you can probably tell with the last UTube. I'm a bit of a late bloomer I guess. But hey, I figured it out and that's all that counts. Right?
Those stormy clouds make me want to put on my sparkly red shoes and click my heels and and wish I were back in Kansas.
I want to hear your voice!!

M said...

You will have to pass me the directions since I have had no luck figuring it all out.

The clouds are very intersting...we just have high flying clouds all mashed together or fog...but very different here in NY.

Have a HAPPY 4th :)

Mary A. said...

You guys have had the MOST BIZARRE weather in . . . like, ever.

video makes my browser have narcolepsy (get it?) so I'll have to wait until I get to work on Tuesday to see 'em.

Sandra said...

Thank you, I appreciate the effort. I do feel a little drowsy, so something worked...I am hopped up on my sleeping meds though, so maybe that too...

Ginger said...

heya!! i like little storms that dont harm anyone. they make me feel awesome. i love the time before it rains when it is windy and stormy.
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