Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do you consider yourself a strong swimmer?

Abso-luckin-futely! I've been swimming my entire life. My first memory of really swimming, ironically, is being way out in the Mediterranean with one of my mom's cousin on each side of me. I was about 4, and it was the first time my mother took me (and my sister) to Italy. I remember that we we could see giant sea turtles under us, through the crystal clear water.

It's so weird to me that this memory is not associated with any kind of negative or scary feelings, because if I think about doing it now, as an adult, it gives me heart palpitations!!

As far as being a strong swimmer, like I said, I've been swimming my whole life. We almost always had a pool when we were kids. For the few years between pools, my mother always got us a membership at the local park district pool. We would be there literally from open to close. When we had a pool of our own, we would get in it almost immediately upon waking up, and our parents would have to drag us out at night to go to bed. I suppose that's the only way we survived growing up in a house with no air conditioning!!


M said...

Swimming with turtles! How absolutely cool!

I love to swim in the warm ocean...I spent high school summers in the the pool for swimming is my exercise.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't imagine swimming in the mediterranean...or with turtles!!!!
Knowing how to swim is really important.

hey, what is up with all the water questions??? Is that the theme???

Katy said...

Oh wow, I want to swim in the Mediterranean someday!!! Living in the Puget Sound area, we always considered swimming a necessary life skill for kids in the fam and all of us and then ours were in swim lessons from about 2. I am a kick-ass doggie paddler but if I try real swimming I can't go in a straight line. :P

The Incredible Woody said...

Swimming in the Mediterranean and swimming with turtles sounds fabulous!!

Change for Good said...

Your first swimming experience was Italy....WOW!!! :)

We were pool rats growing up too.

Does Stud enjoy swimming?

Change for Good said...

I couldn't find the link either. It was lost in my Google Reader.

I just rolled the marshmallow in chocolate, then in the crushed graham crackers. :) Looked really cool too.

otin said...

I can swim okay but strong is not a word that I would use in describing my abilities.