Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who's the ass here?

During the past 6 weeks, I've taken exactly 0 days off. Well, ok, we did get July 5th off for the holiday at the last minute, but whatever, that doesn't count. I didn't take it off, it wasn't a work day.

Each of the janitors at our building took a different week off. The engineer took a week off, and is taking Monday and Tuesday off, as well. The teachers who worked the other two programs at our school this summer had last week off because their programs were only 5 weeks long. The other two teachers I worked with this summer in my program had the week before last off because they went to CA for a 'conference.' Our assistant principal (who I love dearly, so I'm not really bitching here) took the past two weeks off. New Principal took last week off. (And, yes, I AM bitching here!) Even our office clerk took a few Fridays off, including the one that just passed (aka, the last day of summer school).

So, what I'm trying to say is....I'm the ONLY fucking moron who was at school every single day of summer vacation!!!!!

I knew I never should have broke the seal on this can of BITCH, because it's getting harder and harder to hold back. I have a feeling there are several more of these bitch-bits coming....
(get it? Tidbits, bitch-bits...I crack myself up!)


Ricochet said...

I am sorry for your pain because it is unreasonable to ask you to move on the 2 days you haveo ff when SHE KNOWS you worked this summer.

I am loving the way you are expressing yourself. You are cracking me up and making me feel less sorry for myself.

Pissed Off said...

Let it out, it helps. I'm sorry for your agony. As for the bitch part, I can relate. I have to hold back on my blog now because it is too well known and I really miss doing it.