Friday, August 27, 2010

And you thought I wasn't going to bore you with this anymore...

Yesterday's note:
My teacher is testing. Do not ! distract her or you will sit by the door or by her desk or by the corner. Do not talk.

Oh my hell! Don't you just love the placement of the exclamation point? This made me laugh, and feel like an ogre at the same time. It's probably obvious by this little love note that I started to DIBEL my babies yesterday afternoon. (More on that later.) It's so critical that they stay quiet while I test, because just like last year (kdg) this test is completely oral. I need to hear EXACTLY what the baby I'm testing is saying. I set them all up at centers, which we practiced the first 3 days of the week. We did some serious practice, because I knew they really needed to know what to do without interrupting me. Or, "distracting" me, as my not-at-all-secret admirer likes to say.

Here's today's note:

I love my teacher because she's cute and beautiful and she loves children. But, BUT, do not talk, talk, talk, talk, talk or she will send you to Ms. Edmond's classroom and she will send you to the office.

I love having him read his notes to me because I love to hear his inflections when he reads. I couldn't even write when he read, "But, BUUUTTT, do not talk, talk, talk, talk, talk...." I don't know what the hell he's talking about, though, when he says, "she will send you to Ms. E...." because I haven't sent anyone out of our room yet this year. I definitely have sent kids out in the past, lest I bust a foot off in some one's ass, but I haven't reached that point yet this year. Hell, it's only been 3 weeks that the kids have been there. So, maybe he's just remembering my M.O. from last year. tee hee!


jwg said...

Is he from last year's class? Did all this happen during the summer? What a cool kid.

ChiTown Girl said...

Yes, jwg, I had him for the first few weeks of kdg., then when New Principal decided (when I hit 38 kids!) to form a K/1 split (REALLY stupid idea, by the way!) she took my 9 highest kids and put them with (supposedly) the lowest 1st graders. But, then after Christmas break, when I AGAIN hit 38 kids, she took the 1st graders out of that class and made it all kdg. I got DS back then (along with a couple of others I started with and lost) and he finished the year with me.

I posted his notes this week on the days he wrote them. Isn't he funny? He's so, so bright! I tried to get his mom to have him tested for a gifted/magnet school last year, but she obviously didn't see the need. It's really sad that he's stuck at the Hell-Hole. We don't have the ability to meet his needs. I try, but I know I do a piss poor job. :(

Clippy Mat said...

Itink thisby shdrit sthing very dy! percos his entrtng.
I lke hem.

M said...

I can't believe your class changed so much last much for consistancy! Looks like you are doing a pretty good job with him :)

Anonymous said...

Carrie's Mom here - haven't read your blog for quite some time & just happened to click on it while looking for somthing else in favorites - I've got to tell you I've really missed your writings. I really do lol! I went back aways but really didn't catch up on everything. I copied your Anger Management post - absolutely love it. And know a few others who will appreciate it too. Good luck on the new school year & I'll try to check in more often. Take care - Becky Holland

ChiTown Girl said...

Mrs. Holland!
Wow, welcome back! So great to hear from you. Your Carrie has been slacking off with the updates on your grandsons lately. I hope everything is going well with everyone. I look forward to hearing from you again soon. :)