Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was working with one of my small groups today, using some of the same books I used yesterday. AM was doing well with her sounds, and once again, we found ourselves on the "nap" page with the picture of the cute baby. This is what I heard today: "nnnn...aaaa...p....SLEEP!"

As we were walking out of our staff meeting this morning (10 minutes AFTER the kids were supposed to be picked up!!) New Principal drops this little bombshell on us - we are expected to put on a Christmas Assembly next Friday. She claims she told us, but everyone jumped up to say, "No, you didn't!" WTF?! As I was walking out last night, I was told that I have to attend a professional development meeting Thursday, which means I'm now down to 6 days with the babies. What the hell am I going to teach them for this show?! AND, preparing for the show can't take away from any of our instructional time. Yeah, ok, how 'bout I take all 28 of them (yeah, I got a new kid this morning!!) home with me for the next two weeks, and we can work on it every night from now til the show? Ugh!

We're having a walk-through tomorrow by the state, so everyone has been scrambling to get ready for that. Then, literally 20 minutes before dismissal, she sends a notice around to the teachers telling us what we're missing in our rooms for tomorrow, with a note saying we needed to fix it by the end of the day. Is she out of her fucking mind??! I'm not going to stress about it, it is what it is. My room is not changing one bit before tomorrow morning, sorry. One of the things that she had listed for my room was that I didn't have enough words on my word wall. Well, I have 15 words up there, and there have only been 9 words introduced so far in our reading series. The words on the word wall are supposed to be words that the kids know, not just random words. The last time the word wall issue was addressed, I was told I had TOO MANY words up. WTF? Make up my mind, will ya?

As much as it pisses me off that I have to go to this PD Thursday, I'm just glad to not have to be at school. Unfortunately, there are a couple of staff members who are going who I think are going to make it almost impossible to ditch this thing. Mrs. J., my neighbor/friend, and Mrs. M., my friend in the room across the hall, will both be there, and we were trying to figure out how to ditch and go see Mrs. F. and the baby. Mrs. M. hasn't met The Princess yet. But, like I said, the other two people attending aren't staff members we're very familiar with, and I think they would rat us out if we left. Damn... Well, at least when we come back on Friday, there won't be any kids since it's a staff development day. Then, we only have the 5 days next week, and we're ON BREAK! Woo hoo!

I need to get out of this grumpy mood, now that I've been venting, so I think I'll go put up some Christmas lights or something. Or, maybe I'll just go curl up with a magazine. Ah, who am I kidding? I have about 10 loads of laundry calling my name. Poop....


Bestest Friend :- ) said...

Just in case people from the state decide to ask the 5 year olds to read from the word wall, whatever you do, don't add.......NAP!! hahaha (For the assembly, how about they sing the ABCs, wearing Santa hats a/o antler headbands?)

karen gerstenberger said...

This last-minute challenge could be crazy-making...what are you allowed to do for a holiday pageant nowadays, since Christmas has practically been outlawed in school? On the bright side, I'll bet the babies know ALL about Christmas, and would love to participate! Good luck.

C said...

for the assembly, tell them christmas is all about love. then have them wrap either real or pretend prezzies in class and make the show about them giving them to eachother whilst singing a song... or adding the prezzies to a huge pile whilst singing. no lines to memorize... VOILA!

fuck me hard, i'm no teacher...

bless YOU for being one though, cuz you really care.



Clippy Mat said...

LOL at C's comment.
i agree. santa hats or a jingle bell each and sing a christmas song.
i'm sure they'll be cute either way.

Anonymous said...

I swear your principal must be related to mine. Either that or the job discription attracts the same types. 6 days and don't take away from instruction time? Maybe you could rehearse on the way to and from Lunch?

Katy said...

Oh boy, and she started out so well too!

Why don't you add these words to your word wall:

I'm sure you can think of some more... ;)

ChiTown Girl said...

katy- bwah hahaha! I should have done exactly that! Too bad I didnt' read this til after the walk-through!

Anonymous said...

Found this blog via Cake Wrecks. My ex is a teacher too (your principal sounds just like his!), and I'd just like to say thanks to all the teachers out there. Parents who claim that teachers have it easy because they "only work 9 to 3" and get "lots of holidays" should read this.

ChiTown Girl said...

Thanks, Anon!! You just made my day. :)