Thursday, December 17, 2009


I just came home from the most delightful breakfast. I FINALLY got to meet my Bloggy Buddy, csm8741, in person today! Yay!!! And, the hour+ drive each way was totally worth it!! ;-)

Isn't it funny how you can think of and refer to people as your "friends" when you've never really met? I said I was meeting "my friend 8741 for breakfast Thursday" many times this week, and every time I said it, I thought, how weird to say "my friend." You've never even met each other! But, I feel like I've known her for ages! In a nutshell, she is a friend (in real life!) of my friend Smileygirl. When Smileygirl first started blogging, 8741 and I would comment on her posts, often agreeing on things or playing off each other's comments. Then it seemed we were sometimes commenting to each other. When Smileygirl finally convinced me to start this blog, 8741 was one of my very first readers (I think they were the ONLY two readers!) and she always left me the greatest comments. Fast forward a bit, and we began emailing each other, and have been trying to plan a meeting for nearly two years now! And, this morning, it finally happened. I just wish we had about 6 more hours to chat. (Sorry, 8741, for not letting you get a word in edgewise!) I loved her just as much in person as I thought I would. And, she's gorgeous, to top it all off! It's just too bad we live so far from each other, despite BOTH of us living in Chicago. This is one hell of a big city! Thanks to our delightful traffic issues here in ChiTown, I spent more time in my car than we spent visiting. But, like I said, it was well worth it. We made a tentative date to meet up again while I'm on break, and I'm hoping it works out. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

OK, off to do some Christmas shopping. I just may be able to finish it all today.

Thanks again, 8741, I had a great time!!


karen gerstenberger said...

This is one of the things I love about blogging. You met 8741, I met Smileygirl, you and I "met" through them, and it goes on & out from there, ad infinitum. It's such a great support system and way to share our thoughts, our lives and the GOOD of the internet.
HOORAY for friends, from the blog to IRL!
P.S.: We are going to have dinner with Smileygirl and Tom this Saturday! =)

Pissed Off said...

I know how you feel about your blogging buddy. I met one of mine in Calgary this summer and it was liek we knew each other our entire lives. My husband even clicked with him and I clicked with his wife. And, I've met a few of my NY blogging buddies and feel the same way about them.

Busy Bee Suz said...

How wonderful!!!!
Shop till you drop Sister!

Jen said...

I got to meet her a few years ago, and she truly is a delightful person, and a treasured friend. One of these days, when I go home, I'm going to put together a Chicago meetup of my bloggy friends. :)

jlo said...

That is so awesome! Glad you gotto do that! Next stop...So. Cal to meet me, Jason, and Pumpkin! ;)

HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Isn't that SO cool? I love my circle of blogger buddies, and hope one day to meet you guys! (Ah, if ONLY I had considerable disposable income and could fly "to and fro" for lunch and dinner dates with blogger friends!! Alas!!) :)

Clippy Mat said...

one of these days I"M coming to chi town and fo' sho am going to look YOU up.
(you have been warned.)