Thursday, April 2, 2009

My New Theme Song

I HAD to post this here, for all to enjoy! My dear Bloggy Buddy, C, left this on my comments a few days ago, and it nearly made me soil myself! Thank you, C!!!!!

chi chi loves wii wii,
so very much so,
she cant get to sleep,
she just cant say no,
anda one anda two..
pulled a muscle boo hoo...

chi chi loves wii wii...
she cant even pee pee...
no goo goo, no ga ga,
cant even go ca ca..

poor chi chi, and wii wii,
a pair they may be...
can she get fit wii style,
and NOT break a knee?

my chi chi, i love her,
a good friend, good mother.


I actually got my big ass out of bed a half hour early today, and did my Wii!! Yay! Today I tried the aerobic and balancing games. The hula hoop was a ton of fun (but Smiley warned me to be careful because she blew her knee out on it!) and so were the skiing games. Actually, I liked them all! The only one I didn't try was the running game, cuz this bod is NOT ready to do any running!! I think I'm going to go downstairs and try something else. Wow, look at me getting all physical and crap!


Mich said...

hahahaha thats an awesome little tune!!

Bon Don said...

How cool are you that you have your own theme song!!! SUPER FREAKING COOL!!

I love being addicted to new toys, have fun doll!

Stephanie said...

chi chi and wii wii! :) very funny.

glad you're enjoying your new toy!!! :)

C said...

blushing.... thank you cheech. you silly bugger...

i KNOW you can get that work out you need with your wii fit. you GO girl! just take one day at a time, hon, and you WILL get there.


Busy Bee Suz said...

C is a hoot and should be writing for hallmark!!!
So glad you are enjoying your wii and getting motivated. Evertime you say wii...I think I have to pee though. :)

Anonymous said...


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