Friday, April 24, 2009

Joe should have just said "no"....

I just totally stole this from my Bloggy Buddy, Karen. It made me spit on my computer!! For those of you youngsters out there, you might not even know who the hell Joe Cocker is, but the rest of you old farts (like me!) will thoroughly enjoy this!


C said...

hahahahahahahaha yeah, he should of. what was wrong with him, anyway? didnt he have some knid of disease? or was this all drug related?


Hit 40 said...

Hell he was so drugged that he probably did say those words!!!

I almost always need a teleprompt to understand what the heck they are singing.

6 more weeks of school for me too!!!

Anonymous said...

Heck, does anybody know what Woodstock was anymore? I'm going to quit blogging if you all keep talking about when school gets out. Admittedly, I've already had most of my "summer vacation" spread out through the year, but when I go back to school on the 7th, I'm in until August 10th and the only holiday in there is the 4th of July..... Then because of a schedule rotation change, I'm back on the 19th of August and go until Thanksgiving without a break, that means only 6 days between when I go back on the 7th and my next significant break at the end of November. I'm not looking forward to it. Six days to adjust from the kids at the end of kindergarten to the new babies coming in. THAT's going to be fun.

Clippy Mat said...

good owld joe. i remember that well. loved him. even if i didn't know what the hell he was singing. woodstock.
only those that weren't there remember it now!


Katy said...

HA! Love it!

Btw I updated my porn-viewing snood post with where I originally found it. Doesn't it look like something Dr. Seuss would come up with like the Snoods they knit in The Lorax? Heh. Porn-viewing snoods.