Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still seething...

...about the prick that calls himself the principal. Plus, this morning, as Dori and I were talking in my room, he comes in and tells us that we can't make Thursday the last day for kindergarten! WTF!?!? Someone make up my mind! It was the office that came to US and said "the 5th will be your last day." We already told the parents, I spent the weekend running to three different dollar stores to get supplies for the craft we're making, I ordered custom cupcakes from Sam's Club, and then Asswipe decides we can't make that our last day! He made some comment about our attendance being affected, which is a bunch of horse shit, since the fucking office changes the attendance anyway! (I think I may have ranted about that once before.) After swearing and venting with Dori, I figured I'd better wait til the end of the day before making any rash decisions.

My first reaction was to send a letter home saying that ALL the festivities for Thursday were being cancelled, and that the kids should just come everyday until the 13th, like everyone else. By the end of the day, Dori and I decided that we aren't going to do anything. We're going to leave everything alone, let the parents still think Thursday is the last day, and just go from there. We can't officially say the words "Thursday is the last day," but we can certainly imply it! What's he gonna do, fire us!? Dori already has a new job (lucky her!) and God willing, so will I soon! Oh, did I mention that I told the clerk on my way out that I would be taking a personal day on Friday? I already am taking Monday off, since that's the day my son graduates, so I'll be enjoying a four-day weekend. I'm 99% sure I'll be taking Tuesday off, too, because I'd like to do something special with my baby to celebrate his graduation. We'll just have to wait and see if I'm still pissed off by Tuesday. Chances are, I will be!

The only problem with taking so many days off is that I'll have less days to pack up my room. I'll be starting that tomorrow, as I finished all my report cards this afternoon. There's a big part of me that's tempted to just take the rest of the year off, now that my cards are finished. I've fulfilled my duties, so why should I show up simply to babysit? I have more than enough sick days, I certainly could take the next 5 days off. But then how would I pack up my stuff? Such a dilemma, huh? And, even though no one in the Hell-Hole would even notice, it would be incredibly unprofessional of me to take all those days off. Despite working in a freakin' zoo, I still have my own personal standards that I try to uphold. Granted, those standard have taken a serious nosedive after so many years at the Hell-Hole, but they're still light years ahead of the administration's standards!

OK, I feel a slew of swear words bubbling up again, so I'll be going now, lest I offend!!
Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar. --Drew Carey


miss r said...

Haha that's one of my favorite quotes.

ChiTown Girl said...

And that bar would be Intimo, by the way! ;-)