Saturday, June 7, 2008

I just remembered... day last week we were making birdhouses out of milk carton. We had saved the milk cartons the Friday before, but never rinsed them out or anything. So, they sat in my room, which we all know is 100 degrees, over the weekend, and basically fermented. Come Monday, I started the project with the babies, and as I cut the first hole in the first carton, I noticed the rancid smell. I had made the babies wait all weekend to do this, so I figured I would just ignore it, fill it with bird seed anyway, and call it a day. Well, by the third one, the smell was really getting to me. I had one baby standing next to me, since we were making her house, and little D.D. was standing behind her, getting help with spelling a word in his journal. As I was cutting the carton, I got a big whiff of the icky, spoiled milk smell, and said, "Oo, jeez, this REALLY stinks!" Without even looking up, or stopping his writing, D.D. says very matter-of-factly, "Oh, that's just my breath, I didn't brush my teeth this morning." Well, thank you for sharing!

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