Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What part of "kindergarten is OVER!" did you not understand!!???!!

There have been kids at school everyday since their "last" day. WTF?!?! Dori and I were both out Friday, so they put the kids together with one sub, then Dori was there yesterday, but I was at graduation, so there was a sub in my room. Today, I was there but Dori was out, and luckily none of her kids came. Well, truthfully, one showed up about 40 minutes late for school, holding two bags of Flaming Hots, with red-orange Cheeto cheese all over her face and fingers. Obviously, she made a little pit stop at the corner store before coming to school! I asked her who brought her, and she said her sister. So, naturally, I dragged her back out the front door, chased her sister down, and sent her home! The nerve of some people! The sister happened to graduate yesterday, so she probably didn't want to be stuck babysitting her little sister all day, so she brought her to school. When she was good and ready, obviously! After a stop at the store, obviously! I fully expected a phone call or complaint from the parent, but there wasn't any. Maybe it'll happen tomorrow, after momma comes home and find out I sent her home. Oh well!

As for my little darlings, five of them showed up today. I asked each and every one, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" The one little girl said, "My momma had to work." OH, so I get it, I'm the babysitter! Yeah, that makes sense. I went to school for years, spent 10s of thousands of dollars, got a damn masters degree! to babysit. Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me. I'm glad I had to get a babysitter for my own child so that I could come here and babysit for yours. Granted, my son was at his father's house, but still, I had to make sure I had somewhere for him to be so I could go to work. Why exactly is it you think you don't have to do that? Augh!! So aggravating!!
Little D.J. came today, of course, but was about 30 minutes late. He came be-boppin' in at around 9:30, all dirty and sweaty, holding a basketball! "Um, why are you so late?" Shoulder shrug. "Were you outside all this time playing basketball?" Shoulder shrug. I started to send him back home, since he was so late, but then I remember the house I'd be sending him to, and changed my mind. Plus, I missed the little bugger. The sub from Friday left my three pages of notes about how bad he was, as did the sub from yesterday! I'm going to really miss him. There's a BIG part of me that wishes I could just take him from his house and keep him. I want to "fix" him, before it's too late. I feel like this poor baby doesn't have a chance in life already, and he's only 6. OK, I've been an emotional mess for about a week now, and I feel a rant coming, so I'm going to change the subject.

I spent the day pulling every single thing out of all my closets and off all my shelves, and trying to get it somewhat organized so that I can start packing it up and bringing it home. But, sheesh, there's a LOT of stuff! I think I may need to rent a truck to get it all home. I'm taking everything home that's mine. God willing, I'll have a new job in the fall, so this will save me the trouble of packing it later. If for some reason I return to the Hell-Hole in the fall (yes, you SHOULD be praying for me, thank you!) my room will be all cleaned out and decluttered. 90% of the stuff I have there doesn't get used anyway, because there just isn't any time. Between our reading program, our math program, our science program, and the social studies we're supposed to squeeze in, too, there is zero playtime for the babies anyway, so why leave all my stuff there? The one downside is that I'm going to have to rent a small storage unit to put it all in because there's just too much. I plan to spend at least one day a week weeding through the stuff to get rid of what I don't need. Plus, I'm leaving a lot at school that I'm just going to replace since it's old and junky now. I don't want to bring any of this stuff home, since I just emptied my basement of all the crap that was down there. I don't want to junk it up again. At least not just yet. I do have a huge closet on the one end of the basement that my basement guy built me just for school stuff. Sadly, it's currently filled with a ton of other crap that we needed to get out of the way during construction. But, once I go through it all and empty the closet, I'll bring my school stuff there and organize it properly. I'm almost getting a bit excited at the prospect of having my stuff all organized and at my fingertips. I'll be one step closer to my dream of opening my own preschool/daycare center! Yay!

I stole this from Dori's blog, cuz it made me giggle!


Christina Shaver said...

I can't believe that kids are STILL coming to school. Do you think they'll be back Monday, too?

You are such a good person for letting D.J. stay with you. I know what you mean about wanting to "fix" kids like that. So sad to see such little people dealt a bad hand.

And believe me, I am doing everything I can to get the Universe to change your path for next year. I don't know if I can stand reading through another year of all the cr@p you go through there. Well, I take that back. It's totally entertaining... but that's cause I'm not the one living it!

Carebear said...

I am in awe that kids are still showing up to school! I am going to make a mental note of that for when DDT is in school.

ChiTown Girl said...

Carebear, unless you and Panda are going to turn into loser parents, I somehow don't see that happening! ;-)

Christina, I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories from my stress-filled life to entertain you no matter where I'm working in the fall. I have yet to start sharing the bar stories, and good God, there are a LOT! I'm seriously thinking about starting a separate blog just for those tales!