Monday, January 6, 2014's cooled off rather nicely...

I'm sure some of you have heard about the crazy weather we've been having here recently.  Lex snapped these pictures on Friday at my parents' house.  You know, while I was shoveling!!!  The little jerk...

He was fascinated with the icicles hanging off the garage.

This kind of weather always brings out the puppy in Buster.  It's like The Fountain of Youth for him. =)

This is what I woke up to on Sunday.  I didn't really have time to deal with it before church.  Plus, Magnum was in bed, sick, so I was on my own.

After church, I went straight to my parents' house and shoveled again.  It was really hard this time, as the weather was much more severe than it was on Friday.  Every time I moved a shovelful of snow, the wind would blow it right back in my face.  After finishing at my parents', I went home to do our driveway, only to find Magnum up and dressed, and heading out to do his parents' driveway.  I convinced him to let me go with him.  From there, we came home and did ours, as well as the neighbors.  Let me tell you, my back, shoulders and arms are really feeling it today.  It's ok, since I didn't get to the gym.  Although, I am seriously tempted to go to the gym solely for a massage.  I'm hurtin'!

Today, we've broken records for the cold we're experiencing.  The actual temperature is about -18,  with a windchill of about -41.  Our high, which happened right after midnight, was -3, which was a record-breaker.  Then, the "official" low, -16, was also a record-breaker. 

We knew this was coming, so many suburban schools decided last Friday that they were going to cancel school for today.  But, CPS said no, school will be in session.  Shocking. 

But, THEN, around 5pm yesterday, they changed their tune.  Apparently, the union president, a powerhouse names Karen Lewis, basically TOLD him, school must be closed!!  For the safety and well-being of the children, they need to stay home.  In this weather, it takes less than 10 minutes to get frost-bite.  You can't have kids walking to and from school, or waiting on bus stops.  I'm waiting to hear what they decide for tomorrow, as this wacky weather is going to still be around.

Oo, as I was typing this, they broke into the programming with a news conference about the weather.  School is cancelled for tomorrow!  I'm seriously shocked!  Too bad they're going to have to make up both of these days in June. =(  But, hey, I WON'T!!!  =)


Funny in My Mind said...

Ok, you win. Your weather is worse. You love it, I hate it!!
I refuse to shovel too! Hope you had a great December! I plan to post more.

Sonya Ann said...

I hate the weather here. I hope they close the schools around here tomorrow.
They let my husband off early from work because it is so bad here. My coat froze as in stiff as I walked out to get the mail. Why don't we live in Vegas?

Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't believe you are complaining about your weather. :)
It didn't even get over 58* here today! Aye caramba!

M said...

Snow blower...that's what I would buy before I moved back east!

Enjoy...I hear even the polar bears didn't come out at the zoo there :)

Jim said...

Hey Buster! Look at you!
Dogs LOVE this weather. It is very cold here too lately with one day shooting up to +12C (50 I think). Crazy!
So much shoveling for you Lisa! But hey, all that gym work is paying off and you can handle a little snow!
Days off school....I LOVED it when this happened!! And we didn't have to 'make them up in June'. That's a pain! For kids and teachers.
BUT, no worries for you now!! Yeah!
Enjoy these winter days kiddo!

Karen Gerstenberger said...

I'm glad to hear that you are safe after that cold spell - it sounded miserable! All of the shoveling you did - aiieeee! - so impressive! You are MUCH more fit than you were before. I can't imagine how you did all of that work without hurting yourself! Good on ya, matey!