Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2013 Day Twenty-Six

Ok, ok, I know you're DYING for me to finally post all about my Monkey, like I've been promising for days. :P

The other day we went to visit Stud at work, and Monkey was playing 'dress up' before we left.  Naturally, she needed to stay in character!
The reason we drove there was because she was overdue for a nap.  We all know what car rides can do to solve that problem.  About 3 1/2 seconds after I took that first picture, she looked like this...
Sunday night, Monkey and her daddy were visiting over at Grandma and Grandpa's.  She had on some new shoes, and her mommy had put on a matching shirt.  She loved them, and she looked so darn cute!

As always, she was a barrel of laughs all night, and entertained the hell out of us.  I was so busy enjoying her in the moment, I kept forgetting to whip out my phone and record it.  (Gee, can you imagine, just living in the moment?!  How unusual, right? :-/  )

She has a new song that she's been singing lately.  She had already sung it 4 times before I decided to capture it for Magnum, who was home sick.  By the time I got my phone out, she was SO over it, so this is not her best performance.  Trust me, she really does know this song, and nearly every single word.  I was completely blown away!!  (Can you tell her mommy is a HUGE Blackhawks fan?!)

I got Monkey all to myself today.  At one point, I noticed she was in my bedroom "playing," and when I went in to see what she was doing, this is what I found...
That's her pillow, which has a matching fleece blanket, that she uses when she naps here.  That handsome fellow is her skeleton, which I got her before Halloween.  The reason I picked it up for her is because a couple weeks before Halloween, I accidentally came across this video on YouTube, and she instantly became obsessed.

She learned the words and the movements in about 3 minutes. The next day, I went to the dollar store and found that cute blow-up skeleton.  It was PERFECT!  I thought I had a video of her from back then, but I can't find it.

Anyway, we had TONS-O-FUN today.  When it was time to go, I remembered the cute Monkey hat I had bought her a few months ago.  She loves it, and I love how it covers her cheeks and neck.
I LOVE looking into my rear-view mirror and seeing this...
And, there ya go!!  Was is sufficiently boring for you?  I can't even apologize, since I personally can NOT get enough of this kid!!!

I hope you're all staying warm tonight.  It's been below freezing here all day.  You know it doesn't bother ME at all.  I was still walking around in my hoodie today.  But, I don't like it for my baby.  I'm so thankful I have a remote starter on my car, so she can get into a nice, warm car when I drive her around.

Well, Magnum just walked in the door, so it's time to get dinner served.  It's a chilly night and a CHILI night. =)


Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I never get bored "listening' to someone brag on a cute little one!

Jim said...

What a little sweetheart!!! All the love she is getting from everybody will fortify her for years to come!
This was not boring at all Lisa. And to think you were living in the moment too! Oh oh!
Funny I had just read a /'lesson' about this by Pema Chodron (Contemplative Monday) that said the exact thing as you.....we miss so much when we are doing this and that and not just focusing on what is happening right now.