Sunday, November 24, 2013

2013 Day Twenty-Four

Today was really a great day.  Well, except for the fact that Magnum is still sick. :(  He didn't even come to church today, which is HUGE.  He went to bed at 6:00 last night, and basically stayed in bed until almost 9 this morning.  He still feels pretty crappy, but he'll be going to work tomorrow.

Anyway, I went to church alone today, which sort of worked out for the best, since I went straight to a friend's from there.  One of my bestest buddies had a Mary Kay/jewelry open house-type party.  (She sells Mary Kay, and her mom makes beautiful jewelry.)  Because I was alone, I was able to go straight there, instead of having to go home and get my car, etc.  It was so great to see my friend, as well as her family, and other friends.  I ended up staying longer than intended, but it was so nice to catch up and visit.

I had just enough time to get home, check on Magnum and Stud, and get changed, so I could head back to church.  We were packing up boxes of food for needy families, and then delivering them.  I teamed up with a woman who attends of Bible study group.  I was pleasantly surprised to see her at church this morning (she comes to our Bible study, but usually attends another church on Sundays), as I didn't know she was going to be participating in the distributing of these boxes.

We also brought along one of the young men from church, Michael, to be our muscles, and do the heavy lifting.  =) I could probably do an entire post about how much I adore this boy, and I just may.  His family is very active in our church, and at 17, he is the oldest of 3 boys in the family.  He also attends our Monday night Bible study.  The funny thing about that is that his father leads a Bible study group in the church library, also on Monday nights.  I suppose it's not all that surprising that a teenage boy wouldn't want to be in a group run by his dad, is it?  I've really gotten to know him well over the past few months, and like I said, I just adore him.

A few weeks ago, he was able to convince his mom to stay, along with his two brothers (Samuel, who's 13 and Daniel, who's 11), when she was going to just drop him off.  It was the first time I really spent any time around his two brothers (other than seeing them at church on Sundays), and they're just as sweet.  Every since that night, the both of them go out of their way to greet me when I see them, and I get hugs all the way around.  This morning at church, I was telling their mother how wonderful I thought her boys were, and she said, "Well, they just love you guys, too!"  I thought it was so sweet.  Michael has said more than once that he wants Magnum and I (and Stud, of course, but he's not very interested in hanging out with his PARENTS right now, let alone "strangers"!) to come over and hang out one day.  He wants to watch a Bear's game with us.  He's just so cute and sweet!!

Oo, cute little side story....he told me today, when he was helping me carry in the food I brought for the food drive, that he "got a girl's phone number yesterday!"  It was so cute!  Then he told me that he didn't even ask for it, and that she just gave it to him.  (Wow, girls today are WAY more forward than we would have ever dreamed of being!!)  He had gone to Menard's to apply for a job, and she works there.  Now, let me tell you, Michael is freakin' ADORABLE, so I really wasn't surprised a girl would want to give him her number.  When I went back later to pack up the boxes and make the deliveries, the first thing he said was, "Well, I found out that girl from yesterday is TWENTY!  So, uh, I guess that's the end of that..."  He said he told her she's too old for him (!) but they could be friends.  Do you love this kid, or what?!

Hmmm, good thing I was GOING to do an entire post about Michael at a later date, huh?  Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  Believe me, I could go on and on, but I'll spare you.  For now...

After finishing the deliveries assigned to us, I dropped Michael off at home, and headed over to my parents' because my brother was there with my Monkey!!!  Since I went on and on about Michael already, I'll spare the Monkey stories.  Besides, I need something to write about tomorrow. ;-)

Good night, Bloggy Buddies!!!

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