Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Day Twelve

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

Jeez, where do these prompts come from?!?!

Ok, here goes....

1. Greek Yogurt
    LOVE IT!  It's been a favorite for a long time now.  I love it with fresh berries (strawberries, blackberries, or blueberries) and a healthy tablespoon of flaxseed.  This week, I haven't had fresh (or even frozen!) berries in the house, so I've just been putting a drizzle of agave syrup in, along with the flaxseed.

2. Mixed Spring Greens
   We have salad every night with dinner.  For a long time, I made one, big salad for us to eat together.  It was pretty much the same every night - crumbled Feta, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, dressed with my own dressing (balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh crushed garlic, salt, pepper)

Now, I sometimes make a big salad for the boys, and I make a separate salad for myself with things they don't like. =) This is my favorite salad!!  Spring greens, thin-sliced Granny Smith apple, dried cranberries, TONS of bleu cheese, walnuts or pecans, and/or sunflower seeds, sliced strawberries (if I have them), dressed with the same dressing I already described.  Usually, this just serves as my dinner.  Sometimes, if I've made chicken or steak for dinner, I'll throw some of that in the salad, too.

Great...now I'm hungry...

3. Home-brewed Iced Tea
   I love to make flavored iced tea.  Our favorite is lemon ginger.  I make a gallon about every other day.  I use agave syrup to sweeten it just a touch.  All three of us really like this one.  I also make an orange flavored tea (I can't remember the exact name of the tea) that we like.  If I don't have any "fancy" flavors, we also really like just good ol' green tea.

4. Cheese
   Sliced, shredded, blocks, you name it, we have it!  There are always at least 3 kinds of sliced cheese in our fridge at all times.  Provolone is always there, and then it could be Muenster, Baby Swiss or Colby Jack.  Then, there's ALWAYS fresh Mozzarella, Bleu Cheese (or Gorgonzola), Feta, cream cheese and goat cheese.  There's always at least 4 kinds of shredded cheese, too (cheddar, "Mexican blend," Colby Jack mix, Mozzarella, plus anything else that catches my eye at the store)  Right now, there are also a few rounds of smoked Scamorza, a round of Brie, a hunk of Parmesan (straight from Italy.  Thanks, Mom!)  and some ricotta.  Truthfully, there's probably something else that I'm overlooking, but I'm too lazy to actually go look in the fridge.  Oh, wait!  I just remembered one!  Those nasty, plastic slices of American Cheese.  They DO make a yummy grilled cheese. =)

Believe it or not, I have cheese on my grocery list right now.  I also like to keep a block of sharp, aged Provolone in the fridge.  My favorite snack (or lunch, sometimes) is slices of that with slices of apples/pears.  Mmmm, SO good!!!  For some reason, my Sam's Club doesn't carry it anymore, so I have to wait until I go to Costco with my brother to get the one I like.

Good Lord, I suddenly feel like we need a 12-step program...

5. Hummus
   Right now, we have 3 different flavors in the fridge (roasted red pepper, "Tuscan," and roasted pine nut)  For about 6 months, Magnum LIVED on hummus and veggies (mostly carrots and broccoli).  We started every dinner with veggies and hummus, actually.  Plus, Stud's girlfriend really likes carrots and hummus, so I make sure to have it in the house for them.  Unfortunately, Magnum decided to look at the nutritional label a few weeks ago, and has now decided there's too much fat in hummus, and he hasn't touched it since.  Oy!!  I've tried explaining that it's "good" fat, as it's made with olive oil, but he won't listen.  Whatever.  I wish he had make that change BEFORE I bought 5 tubs of hummus at Sam's...

I still love it, though, so it certainly won't go to waste.  I've been eating a TON of quinoa lately, and I make a quinoa salad that I add hummus to (for both taste and texture) so I'm not worried about it not being eaten.  I know that's a load off YOUR mind, huh?

Wow, after making fun of this prompt, I sure found plenty to say, didn't I?
Hey, do you know anyone getting married today?  The local news here has been talking about it all freakin' day (I've had it on since 5am).  According to them, there will be a record number of couples getting married today (despite it being a Tuesday!) because of the date - 11/12/13  They say there will be about 3,000 couples getting married today.  They also say that's NOTHING compared to the 65,000 couples who got married on 7/7/7 (which happened to fall on a Saturday).  And, hey, if you're looking to get married on a funky date like that, you have one more chance this century.  Next year, 12/13/14 will probably be a big day for weddings.  It happens to also be a Saturday.  And, that's my public service announcement for the day. =)


Jim said...

OK. I'll play!!
1. Kale/swiss chard/spinach mixed greens.
2. Poached chicken breasts.
3. Mandarin oranges.
4. Honey crisp apples.
5. Left over tomato chicken pasta.

There! Know you know what's in my fridge....lol!

Interesting about the 'wedding dates'. Ron mentioned that it was 11/12/13 and I never thought that people would be getting married because of it. I guess we need a lot of luck when we get married, eh?
We got married on 3/20/9....guess we were the only ones!! lol

Good to see you today Lisa.

M said...

OMG love hummus and all the stuff you have in your salad :) Seeds and nuts and crans...mmmm!

Love the date! But I am married :) and not doing it again!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Next year, I'm totally getting married on 12/13/14!
yeah, those prompts really bite. :0 Get it?
I SO love YOUR salad; perfection my friend!