Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday's happiness...

Today's happiness involves Monkey once again. I had a dentist appointment at 7 am this morning (and NOT yesterday morning, even though I showed up at the dentist's office YESTERDAY at 6:55 am, which set off the cluster fuck that was yesterday morning!) By 7:05 I was finished, and by 7:10, I was driving toward my brother's house. I figured since the dentist's office was already half-way there, I might as well try and steal Monkey for the day.

My brother already had plans to meet one of our cousins (Monkey's godfather, actually) for breakfast, so I joined them. Monkey was a delight, as always!! Believe it or not, I didn't take even one picture, so I'll give you an old one. It's from the other day, when I had the pleasure of babysitting for a few hours.

"Alright, already!!! I know I'm cute, but enough with the pictures!"


Jason, as himself said...

What a cute monkey!

But I must ask...who makes a dentist appointment at 7:00 am? I'm sorry you showed up on the wrong day. I have done that before!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Who does anything at 7am? Really? I would postpone birth at that hour!
If you don't start traveling with your camera, I will stop seeing you. I'm just saying.

Funny in My Mind said...

I hate any and all dentists. Especially at 7 am. 2 days in a row.
Is it me or did she get even cuter? Is that possible??