Saturday, May 22, 2010

Personality Test?

I received an email from a friend yesterday that contained a Power Point of a Tibetan Personality Test. Some of you have probably seen it. I've had it land in my inbox about 5 times over the past few years. And, like a dope, I take it every time. And, I'm always in awe of the answers. (One of the advantages of getting old is that you forget stuff, so I never remember what my answers where the last time, or what they mean!)

The email has that hokey, cheesy, annoying chain mail thing going on, so I'm going to spare you that part, and only share the parts that I found interesting.
Tibeten Personality Test
Take your time with this test and you'll be amazed.
Just 4 questions and the 4 answers will amaze you. (I edited out the 4th one, since that's the one that tells you how many people you have to forward this too, etc.)
Don't look ahead. Get a pencil and paper to write your answers down. (seriously, don't peek, or it won't work!)
The 1st thing that comes to mind is usually the best answer.
Remember, no one sees this but you.
1. Put the following five animals in order of your preference:
Cow, Tiger, Sheep, Horse, Pig
2. Write one word that describes each of the following:
Dog, Cat, Rat, Coffee, Sea
3. Think of someone you know, who also knows you, and is important to you, whom you can relate to the following colors:
Yellow, Orange, White, Red, Green
1. These answers define the priorities in your life:
Cow = career
Tiger = pride
Sheep = love
Horse = family
Pig = money
2. Your description of Dog implies your own personality.
Your description of Cat implies your partner's personality.
Your description of Rat implies the personality of your enemies.
Your description of Coffee implies your interpretation of sex.
Your description of Sea implies how you see your own life.
3. Yellow - someone you will never forget
Orange - someone who is a true friend
Red - someone who you really love
White - someone who is your soul twin
Green - someone you will remember the rest of your life
I gotta tell ya, the answers were pretty darn accurate, especially the ones for the second set. Spooky!
If, by some chance, you've never actually seen this, and want the whole power point, leave me your email, and I'll send it to you.

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