Friday, May 14, 2010

We went on a field trip today!

We went to see the legendary Ella Jenkins today! I had such a wonderful time, I almost missed how much fun the babies had. I take my class to see her every year, and every year I love her just as much as the year before.

I have a Barney video in which Miss Ella appears, and I always show it to my class in preparation of this field trip. They were SO excited when she sangs the songs they learned on the video. They learned a whole bunch of songs today. I think I may be checking out Amazon this weekend so I can order a few of her CDs. I have several of her albums on cassette, but these days, it's just too hard to even use these. Do you remember, back in the day, when you would try to find a specific song on a tape? Rewind....oops! Fast forward....ah, crap! Rewind....Ugh!!! How did we ever get by?

One of the songs she sang today was Jambo. They loved the way she sang almost all her songs in this call-and-response style. She calls kids up to the stage for nearly every song, and a couple of my babies were chosen to come up. But, they went ape shit when their TEACHER was called up to the stage (to count in sign language). It was just so cute how excited they were.

I tried to find some videos on YouTube to share with you, but Miss Ella must have some tight reins on her stuff. I did find this, though. (Blogger seems to be cutting off the right side of the video, so use the link to see it in full view.)

The only down side of our trip was that I ended up getting a horrific case of motion sickness. It's nearly 5pm, and I'm still feeling nauseous. I think I'm going to see if there's any of the ginger ale I had to pick up for Stud left in the fridge. (He was home with a tummy bug yesterday.) I just hope it's motion sickness and NOT whatever Stud had.


ModernMom said...

Sounds like a fantastic field trip!! Hoping is was just motion sickness:)

VKT said...

I love Ella Jenkins. You are so lucky. I have all of her records (I am older than dirt) and now I have her CD's. My kindergartners love her songs as much as I do!

Did you get motion sickness from riding a bus to the field trip? That's what happens to me!

karen gerstenberger said...

What a wonderful field trip. It must have seemed like magic to the babies, to see her in a video, and then, in PERSON! Good job, teacher!

jwg said...

I was in a hotel snack bar during an NAEYC conference and the only empty seat was at a little table, with Ella Jenkins. She was friendly and charming. It was sort of like sitting at the feet of God.