Monday, December 5, 2011


Ok, I didn't bitch about this Saturday when I noticed it, but now I just have to. As we were driving from my in-laws Saturday afternoon, I noticed a freakin' chip in the windshield of my, I mean Stud's, new car. ARGH! I was just so annoyed!! I knew it had to be fixed ASAP, especially because our temperatures are supposed to plummet this week, down to the 20s. (My happiness about this is a whole separate post!) I didn't want to take a chance on waking up to a huge crack across the windshield

We got home and all started getting ready for the concert. While I was showering, etc., CSJ called a few local places to get prices and so on. We wound up making an appointment with a place just a few blocks away from the house. They said they'd be out Monday morning. Great! "We'll call in the morning when we're on our way." Super!

This morning, CSJ stayed home to wait for them. They had told me on Saturday that they would be there between 8-8:30. Well, 8:30 came and went, no call. 9:00, nothing. By 10, CSJ started calling them. It was a series of phone tags calls, which really pissed him off, especially because he blew off work to wait for them. It's nearly impossible for me to do anything from work because a)I'm busy TEACHING and b)I couldn't get a signal on my phone even if I wanted to call someone.

I called home when my class went to lunch and spoke to Stud. "Did they ever show up?!" "Yeah, about 5 minutes after Dad left for work." Ugh!! Whatever, they made it. I just hope they did a good job. I had left cash for Stud to pay for the repair - $80. Um, yeah, don't even get me started!

Well, if all that wasn't aggravating enough, when I got home from work, I checked my email, as usual, and almost screamed when I opened my Groupon email. One of the deals today was - ready? WINDSHIELD REPAIR!! Oh, and the BEST part? The deal was for $19!!! We paid FOUR times that! AARRGGHH!!!!

There was one teeny tiny thing that made me feel a little better, though. One of the other million emails in my inbox was one from the car dealership. It was a survey about our overall satisfaction with our experience last week. Well, they just happened to catch me at a bad time. Boy, did I unload!

My top four complaints were this:

1. While test driving the car, CSJ noticed the brakes were a little wonky. We were assured they were going to fix that before we left. Not so much. As I mentioned last week, I still felt something weird when I drove home that night.

2. As part of our "negotiations," CSJ got our sales guy to agree to sending us home with a full tank of gas. Instead, we had 1/4 tank. I didn't know CSJ made that deal, and since I drove the car home, he didn't know it wasn't taken care of until it was too late.

3. The fact that it cost us another $90 for a spare. (Bullshit, I say!)

4. The fact that we now had to spend another $80 to fix the windshield.

The last thing on the survey was a box where they asked what they could do to make your experience better. I wrote, "Reimburse me for the $90 key, and the $80 windshield repair." I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens, right? If nothing else, I was able to get it off my chest.


Just Plain Tired said...

I detest dealing with auto repair shops and dealerships in general. Even if you think you got a decent deal chances are pretty good they got the better deal.

karen gerstenberger said...

...and the gas!
I'm so sorry that you aren't quite happy with the service. I hope they will make it right.
If you lived nearby, I would send you to my brother-in-law. He has a quality used-car dealership, is as honest as the day is long, and will get any car you want for you. That's how we got our last 3 cars. We had to wait to find what we wanted in our price/mileage range, but he did it.
If any of your readers live out here:

M said...

That sucks!
When we bought our van ions ago we we coasted out on fumes...I wasn't aware of that....the tank was supposed to be I drove that puppy back the next day for my gas! And gas was less than $1.50a gallon then.

Good luck and hope you get something back!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I thought they always sent cars home with full tanks... I didn't realize you had to negotiate that!

That is frustrating... I had rocks fly off a truck and crack my windshield one time, so me being me, I called my BIL, who was a lawyer... he called the company and they lady called me and said, 'Well, why didn't you pull over?" and I said to her, 'Lady, it's winter and I have an infant in the car and there are unsafe vehicles like YOURS flinging things as they drive down the highway at 65 miles an hour... I wasn't pulling over!" They never did reimburse me, but it turned out I had full glass coverage, so I was all good.

Mark said...

Do you feel better now?
All of a sudden, I know what it must be like being my Dad listening to my Mom for the past 40+ years.

SassyModernMom said...

Writing it down is truly theraputic...but I hope they show you the money!

Jim said...

This all sounds so familiar! They have us over a barrel and we wait around for them!
Hope you get some reimbursement.