Sunday, December 4, 2011

Triple Poop?

No pictures with Santa today. That's all I'm gonna say, cuz I don't want to whine and rant tonight.

Funny little story from last night - Stud has heard this story before, but we were talking about it again last night. I attended my very first concert ever with CSJ, about 2 months after we started dating. I'm still shocked my parents let me go, quite frankly. I was 17, and we went to see ZZ Top with another couple, who were good friends of CSJ's. We were celebrating CSJ's 21st birthday. The concert was interesting. I heard/saw/smelled things I had never before experienced. Let's just leave it at that. But, that's not the meat of the story.

That night, I wore my favorite pair of black jeans, and 6 inch stiletto heels. Oh, yeah, I was smokin' hot, let me tell ya. Well, as we were participating in the mass exodus from the Rosemont Horizon, I slipped on some beer that was spilled at the top of a flight of stairs. My left foot/leg slid straight out and down, while my right foot/leg somehow went behind me (picture the splits) and I fell (slid?) down a complete flight of stairs. As if that wasn't humiliating enough, CSJ and his friends couldn't stop laughing at me. Of course, as they were peeing their pants laughing, they were making sure I was ok, but still, I was so embarrassed. Over the years, he's teased me about it many times, saying different things all the time, ranging from I was drunk, to I had a contact buzz, to I couldn't walk in those shoes, etc. For the record, THERE WAS BEER ON THE FLOOR!

Ok, so ever since Stud heard that story, he and his father have had more than a few laughs about it. TSO was playing at the same venue yesterday, but it's is now called the Allstate Arena. So, naturally, as we were driving to the concert, the story came up again. CSJ kept talking about what I was wearing just to tease me. "You should have seen your mother. She was poured into these black jeans, and she was wearing these crazy-high black heels. She couldn't walk in them, which is why she fell down the stairs." blah, blah, blah. He thought he was SO funny.

I said something like, "Wow, that was 26 years ago. Where did the time go?" We both started commiserating about how old we are now, and he suddenly looks at me, gives me the once-over, and says, "Yeah, Stud, your mom went from black jeans and spiky heels to stretch pants and orthopedic shoes!" All I could do was laugh my ass off, cuz it was totally true!!!! God, I'm so pathetic.

Well, I guess the only thing that matters is he doesn't care, and he STILL thinks I'm pretty cute. As my niece would say - "That's a big D-U-H, DUH!!"


Mark said...

At first I was going to make some insensitive remark about how old you were and then I added 26 + 17 and realized that that's my age. Holy Hell!

Maria said...

I'm actually impressed with your good nature. That story would have had the kabosh put on it DECADES ago if it had happened to me.

Bing knows what happened when we visited her family in Louisiana for the first time and I was eating this delicious soup. I asked her uncle what kind of soup it was and he said, "It's the soup that makes you want to make babies, girly. Turtle soup!"

I immediately got up and was sick in the bathroom. When I came out, her uncle made some rude remark about how I must not like to make babies.

Her family thought this was hilarious and so did Bing. But, when she tried to repeat it to some friends of ours, I shut her down good and fast. She now knows that we don't talk about turtle soup in our family. Because yes, I am a total baby.

Glad your sense of humor is well in place.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yeah, you are SOOOOOOOOO old.
I hope I never get THAT old. :)
Didn't everyone wear jeans and high heels back in the day??? We all fell....but I am sure you did it oh, so gracefully. :)

Just Plain Tired said...

Beer on the floor and high heels are never a good combo. ;)