Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Day in Pictures

I had to go to a conference today. (Woo hoo! A day away from the Hell-Hole!) Despite the fact that it was raining sideways, with 60 MPH winds, and a tornado watch going on this morning, I left my house anyway, and enjoyed (NOT!) my hour+ drive downtown. Thankfully, the closer I got to downtown, the less it was raining. I parked in the designated garage, and walked the many blocks to the Gleacher Center, where our meeting was being held. I took the elevator up to the 6th floor, signed in, and rushed to find a seat, as I was almost 30 minutes late. I put my bags down, then grabbed myself some breakfast. (Yum! An ‘everything’ bagel with veggie cream cheese, coffee, and a tasty glass of half orange/half cranberry juice [my own delightful combination!]) I settled in and took a minute to catch my breath. As I started to enjoy my breakfast, I actually looked around the room we were in, and THIS is what I saw...

To the west:

What a view, right? The beautiful Chicago River and part of our gorgeous skyline.

002 003


To the east:

I was trying to capture Lake Michigan through the buildings, but it was still far too hazy and overcast. You almost can’t tell where the water ends and the sky starts.

004 005 006

To the south:

This was directly outside our window.


OK, don’t yell at me, but I was taking pictures while driving again. I know, I know!! Sorry! But, come on! How many people get to see the beautiful Lake Michigan on their drive home? There are still a few sailboats left out there, which was surprising.


I always love this view of the front of The Field Museum from Lake Shore Drive.


Later, when we came out of the orthodontist’s office, THIS was what we saw!


I swear, it looks like I used some Photoshop trick, doesn’t it?


These are a little blurry, but the colors still are gorgeous. You should have seen how nervous and freaked out Stud was while I was taking these. Mostly because I told him to take the wheel while I snapped away!

013 014 015


M said...

Oh, oh and OH!! I LOVE the orangy-pink of sunsets...I could stare at them forever!

Glad you had a nicce day away...was the meeting worth it? Learn anything?

Just Plain Tired said...

Those are freaky good pictures.

karen gerstenberger said...

What a great place for a meeting - and breakfast was included, along with those views! Sweet. I love the sunset pink on the clouds. Wow! Our eyesight is such a beautiful gift to us - if we take time to appreciate what we see, as you do.

Life with Kaishon said...

Holy wow! With a view like that, I wouldn't to listen during the meeting. The pictures were amazing. That thunderstorm was too cool! I can't believe you captured it while driving. Stunning.

C said...

ohmygod!!! how beautiful are those pictures!!! thank you chichi for sharing those. AWESOME! i too love your juice special... also, sprite [diet or eg] mixed with cranberry juice is yummy too! oh i just love those pictures and colors.... wait till TD sees these!!!

wouldnt ya love to work there with that view everyday? oh god!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I heart Chicago!!!
Great views and a beautiful sky.
I love to cut my OJ with other juices too...especially with ruby red grapefruit juice. Yum.

Clippy Mat said...

I think Chicago reminds me of Toronto. The views and buildings are very similar. We also have a Lakeshore drive but of course we are on Lake Ontario. A great lake or two separate us. I must visit the windy city one of these days.
Great photos.
p.s. OJ and Cranberry with Sprite or 7Up. :-)

Sandra said...

Those pictures are beautiful. Makes me want to visit Chicago....and yes, you knew you'd get crapped on for taking pictures while you were driving!!!

Angela said...

Wow, those pics WERE worth risking a car accident for! Gorgeous1