Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you miss me yet?

I just returned from a wonderful day with Tiffany. After a morning full of fun, we came back to her condo so she and her husband could go visit her brother-in-law for a while. This gives me the perfect opportunity to check in again, and share what we've been up to today.

We actually managed to make it out of the house for breakfast today, even if it was 10:30. It's really a cryin' shame that Tiffany and I can't find anything to talk about -- NOT!!! We just can't shut up, which is why we missed breakfast yesterday! Anyway, she took me to this great little place called Wild Eggs. I had a delightful little Surfer Girl omelet (Fresh spinach, wild mushrooms, tomato, cream cheese and onion, topped with diced fresh avocado, pico de gallo, sour cream and fresh alfalfa sprouts) that came with a side of grits (yes, again!) and something called an Everything Muffin. The muffin is their house specialty, apparently, and man, was is good!! (A signature offering! Everything muffins are home-made with fabulous flavors: roasted garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and kosher salt. It’s a true everything sensation since every flavor is baked through every bite - not just sprinkled on top!) Once again, as we were walking out, I realized I forgot to take a picture for you. But, that's ok, it would have only made you super jealous, plus you would have drooled on your keyboard, and nobody wants that.

After breakfast, we headed over to Churchill Downs. I had an awesome time! I really didn't know anything about horse racing up until now, and it was very educational. I had no idea how incredibly expensive it is to own and race horses. And, I had no idea that the winner of the Kentucky Derby walks away with $1.45 million!!!

From there, we headed over the the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Ok, first I have to tell you how stupid I am. Last night, while we were driving around, Tiffany and her husband were coming up with our itinerary for today, and Tiffany mentioned taking me to "the bat museum" a couple of times. Now, I immediately assumed she was talking about this kind of bat. She mentioned that the museum had a giant bat in front of it, so in my head, I'm picturing a giant bat hanging upside-down outside a building. When we talked about it again this morning, I still thought we were going to go see a museum dedicated to these icky little creatures, but really, I was totally up for it. Maybe it's because Halloween is around the corner. Whatever.

We pull up to the museum, and Tiffany says, "See, there's the giant bat." I'm looking, and looking, but don't see any sign of a giant bat. Until, it hits me. Oh my holy hell!! "OH! You mean a BAT!" There was a 5-story tall Louisville Slugger! I'm such a moron!!
I had such a great time at this museum! I really do enjoy watching baseball, and I've always been a Cubs fan. As a matter of fact, our tour guide, Matt, made a crack about the Cubs (something about the bats that aren't up to their production standards being sent to the Chicago Cubs) and I had to set him straight, right there in the middle of our tour! Smart-ass punk!

When you take a tour of the factory, they present you with a souvenir bat at the end, but they immediately tell you that if you take it to the Louisville airport, it must be in your checked luggage. Actually, Tiffany had already told me that, and she said there's a great big bin at the airport full of the bats that get confiscated. Anyway, she very generously offered to mail the bats back to my house for me, since I only brought a carry-on bag. Isn't she just too sweet? She also gave me her bat, so I can give one to Stud, and one to his dad. Nice, right?

I just realized I never came back last night to tell you about the rest of our evening. We ended up going to the play first, and then dinner. The play was called The Mystery of Irma Vep, and it was so freakin' hilarious!!! I can't remember the last time I laughed that much at a show. (Oh, was Stud's show over the summer during Drama Camp. But, I digress...) This hilarious play was done with only two actors, who between the two of them played all the main characters. In all seriousness, the thought that kept going through my head was that I could TOTALLY see Stud and his best friend putting on this exact show. It was exactly the kind of thing the both of them would love to do. I told Tiffany that I really wish it wasn't a 5 hour drive to Louisville, because I would LOVE to bring them both here to see it. Anyway, the show was awesome, and I'm so thankful to Tiffany and Ben for taking me.

After we left the theater, we went to The Cheesecake Factory for a very late dinner. Again, no photo, sorry. Dinner was great, but naturally, you can't go to The Cheesecake Factory without getting cheesecake! Duh! I had the most heavenly slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake for dessert. It was the perfect way to end the evening. By the time we left the restaurant, I could feel the food coma coming on, which is why I never came back last night to fill you in on the night.

I'm not quite sure what's on the agenda when Tiffany and Ben get back from the hospital. I assume we'll go to dinner, but it's going to be a much earlier evening than the last two since Tiffany has to work tomorrow. I love that, because of the time difference, I land in Chicago at the exact same time that I leave Louisville. Tee hee! I'll be home by lunch. Which is perfect, because then I can pick Stud up from school. I kinda sorta miss the little bugger. :(


jlo said...

Now I'm starving and want to go sight seeing! ;)

M said...

Sounds fun!
My mom born and raised in Chicago...she was a Cubs fan until the end...we even buried her in her Cubs t-shirt and hat....I was always hoping the Cubs would win the World's Series just for her. Her brothers were White Sox fans...and I am sure it was my uncle who tried to bring the billy goat into the game when the said curse occurred!

Enjoy your vacation!

C said...

ok thats it, sistah... no pictures? hmmmf. well, i'll fix you, gramma... that's right, stud is going to be a baby daddy and you b da granny mAmA. he wanted to tell you himself but i took it upon my own self to break it to you so you can freak out RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

bwahahahaha kiddin... but i gotcha, dint i?

i am glad you are having alot of fun...

talk to ya soon...


karen gerstenberger said...

What a great time you're having - you deserve it! It's so nice that she surprised you with the "bat" museum - that's a great story - and that you got a souvenir for yourself and your "peeps." Enjoy it all and safe travels home!

Just Plain Tired said...

My hunger pangs have kicked into high gear here. And a bat, as in creepy critter, would have been an interesting museum, huh? You've certainly packed a lot of fun into this time with your friend!

Clippy Mat said...

I kind see where you're coming from with the bat museum it being close to Halloween and all that.
Looks like you're having a great time.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your breakfast sounds amazing!!!!!
I love grits too, never eat them much, but LOVE them.

Laughing at your bat museum issue...this is what I would call a Blond Moment. :)