Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's St. Baldrick's time again!! Woo hoo!

Once again, Stud Muffin will be participating in the St. Baldrick's event at his school. Like last year, he will be shaving his head in honor of Katie Gerstenberger. You can read more about Katie on her mom's blog, Gberger.

Go here to read the post from last year, which explains more about St. Baldrick's.

I know times are tough for everyone, but please, give what you can. This is such a worthy cause. I'm fairly certain that every one of my readers has been touched by cancer in some way. Let's do what we can to help find a cure.

Stud's goal this year is $2,000. We may actually be upping that later, as he raised more than that last year. (Last year, we started with a goal of $1,000, and in the first 2 days, he was able to raise $500, so we changed it to $2,000) I believe he raised around $2,300 last year, and was the top fund-raiser at his school. He's hoping to do that again. And, I know with the help of my Bloggy Buddies, he will! (I will be putting a Shout Out list up again this year. Hope to see you there!)

You can click HERE to make a donation on-line (or click on the link on my sidebar.) You can also download and print a paper form if you'd rather donate that way.

Thank you, in advance, for your help and generosity!


karen gerstenberger said...

Yahoo, Stud! We got our magazine from St. Baldricks recently and were SO impressed with the work that they do. Some of our local (Seattle Children's Hospital) doctors were beneficiaries of their research funding! St. Baldrick's is one of the greatest donors to pediatric cancer research that there is. HOORAY! Go Stud-Muffin! I will spread the word on my blog. Love to you both!
P.S.: I will get a S.C.O.R.E. card to you as soon as I have them. They should be here in March.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful boy you have and I'll donate to anyone who is doing something for children like Katie (and her beautiful mother!) I'm off to donate!

Smileygirl said...

This is so great. You have to be so proud of him. Pat yourself on the back because you are doing a fantastic job of raising your son. So proud of you both. xoxo