Tuesday, February 23, 2010

100th Day Celebration

The first thing we did last Friday was read a couple of books I have for the 100th Day. Then we made our 100th Day Crowns. This is little different than the crowns we usually make, but they were still cute.

In line, on the way to the bathroom, then lunch.

The kids were supposed to bring 100 of 'something' to school on Friday for us to count and manipulate. Only about 1/2 the kids did, which was disappointing. I gave each child a 100 grid, and had them put one item in each box.

I had the kids that didn't bring anything sit together at two of the tables, and I brought them counting bears to use as a group. Amazingly, they all did really well with this. There was no fighting or arguing!

AM brought Q-tips, which didn't fit in the grid, so I made a counting mat for her.

Every year, I treat the babies to 100th Day Cookies.

These are some cute little certificates I had in my 100th Day box.

Everyone went home with one of these stickers on their shirt.

Snack time!


karen gerstenberger said...

Your class looks like so much fun! Happy 100th-day anniversary!

jlo said...

Love the cookie idea...we're all healthy in CA and our 100 day snack is Ritz cracker and a pretzel. ( eye roll)

Katie said...

Day 100 was on February 11th for us. (The day before our Valentine's Day party!)

Our school had a day 100 museum so the students could display their projects for all to see. 14/15 of my students brought something in!

I like the cookie idea. Thanks for sharing it. (Strawberries and a baby carrot might work too.)

Where'd you get your stickers and certificates? I love them!