Friday, February 19, 2010

Way to follow through!

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Oh my Lord, when is the new computer going to get here!!?? Oh, yeah, that's right, I have to go pick it up. Crap! I should be doing that right now instead of sitting here on Stud's computer for a few stolen moments. I have lots of tidbits to share when I pick my computer up, including a boatload of pictures from today's 100th Day Celebration.

I just wanted to quickly share with you (before I forget, cuz my mind just ain't what it used to be!!) that after all these weeks of dealing with AM and her mom, and the daily countdown ("Only 25 days til your birthday! Only 10 days til your birthday! Only 2 days til your birthday! etc...) her mother ended up NOT SHOWING UP! She came in this morning and reminded AM yet again that she would be bringing cupcakes this afternoon, "and if you have a bad day, you're gonna watch yo frens eat cupcakes wit ow choo." Then, she didn't come back! WTF?! I sure hope she doesn't think she's gonna be bringing them on Monday. It's over, Sista!

Wait, have I even bitched, I mean, posted about this mess before? I thought I did, but I'm not seeing it. Like I said, for weeks, she's been doing this annoying countdown in the morning when she brings AM to school. The biggest problem with the countdown is that she brings AM to school late every friggin' day. By the time they get there, I've already picked the class up from the lunchroom, everyone has their things put away, and every bottom is on a square, sitting "spaghetti and meatballs"* listening to our morning read aloud. Then, the tornado known as AM and her mom come barreling through the door in the middle of the story, and mom proceeds to stand there (while I'm reading, mind you!) and loudly reminds AM about how many days til her birthday, and how she better get a good report, yadda, yadda, yadda. It's been driving me INSANE!! And, as luck would have it, her birthday happened to fall on the 100th day of school, which means we were already going to have a celebration.

I informed mom weeks ago, when she asked if she could bring cupcakes, that AM might not even be at the celebration, because the kids have to earn the privilege. OK, she says she gets it, great. Next day, she has the balls to ask me if she could bring in cupcakes AND PIZZA!!! What the hell?!!? Does this look like the damn Chuck E. Cheese's!?!? I immediately put the kibosh on that, and told her the cupcakes could be brought in at 2, which is snack time, or she could drop them off in the morning, and I would pass them out at snack time. Ok, I figured it was settled.

Apparently, mom went to New Principal earlier this week to ask HER if she could bring pizza. Look, bee-otch!! I'M the queen of this here castle, and I ALREADY said NO!!!! Luckily, New Principal also said no. I don't think she would have considered saying yes without talking to me first, anyway.

Well, you already know how the story ends. Seriously?! You make a big friggin' deal about this damn cupcakes for over a month, then you don't bring them?! I don't get it!

(Now that I've done all this bitching, I pray to God I don't find out that there was some serious reason she didn't show up. Karma, be nice to me!)

Holy crap, I'm late to pick up Stud! He's at boot camp. (Something else I'll explain when I get my computer.) Hopefully, I'll be able to write some proper posts tonight.

*"Spaghetti and meatballs" is this Dago's version of "criss-cross applesauce," or indian-style. Their legs, when folded properly, are the spaghetti, then they fold their hands together, and place them on their laps, making a giant meatball! I love it!


The Girl Next Door said...

So wait, she counts down for a month and then doesn't show? Who picked up AM after school? Did AM bitch at snack time when mama didn't show? So weird. God Bless You.

C said...

poor lil girl all excited and counting on cup cakes only to be crushed by her mother's lack of following through. that is so sad. then people wonder why some kids turn out the way they do....

hope you enjoy your new puter!


Clippy Mat said...

you crack me up!
I so remember parents like her when I worked with the little kids. Psychological terrorists! That's what they are. Empty vessels make most noise etc.

karen gerstenberger said...

I feel sorry for little AM, for the disappointment of the big-build-up-and-let-down of a no-show mama on her birthday. Poor thing!
It makes me feel even more strongly how important your presence is in the babies' lives, as a good, fair, kind, reliable adult who they know will be there every weekday. God bless you!

Tracey Axnick said...

Poor AM.... what a crappy mom she has.