Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I can't believe I haven't posted this little gem yet! Last week, one of my little darlings came back from art class with this drawing. Guess what jumped right off the page at me? (I think it will enlarge if you click on it.)

What? You don't see it yet? Let me zero in on what I'm talking about...

WTF?!?! Of course, I HAD to ask the artist what this was, and his answer was, "A horse!" In my head I was asking, "Well, what part of the horse exactly?!" but out loud I just said, "Really?" He told me that this was the horse's nose and head. Um....ok....moving on....

Last Thursday, we had a math lesson that involved making patterns using craft sticks. This group had a lot of fun with this on the carpet.

Here are the little geniuses. How adorable are they!?

New Principal personally brought me a "big kid" to babysit that day. So, I put him to work, playing Chutes and Ladders with a group.

The babies love playing with dominoes. I keep waiting for them to get bored with them, but not so much yet.

This group learned to play Go Fish with me that afternoon. We started with some flashcards that had half the cards with numerals and half the cards with groups of objects. We matched those up first, then used the cards to play Go Fish.

After the group finished making craft stick patterns, I told them they could do whatever they wanted with the sticks, and this is what they came up with. Too cute!!

My little TN decided he wanted to join this group, and REALLY got into this activity.

They covered the entire rug, tracing every shape and curve.

I was really impressed with how much detail went into this little project.

A couple of the "artists" hard at work.

This was TN's crowning glory. The rest of the group was so excited about him covering the hand. It made me laugh out loud!

Ok, I know you've had enough, but I promised them I would take a picture of the WHOLE thing, so since I did, you're forced to look at it!

Here's my little darling, TN. Look at that face! Isn't he just beautiful?! I love this "little monster!!"*

Here are the snowmen we made yesterday. Suz, aren't you excited about how we recycled those packing peanuts!? These turned out really cute. Oh, and Suz, we used lids from Cool Whip, sour cream and yogurt containers for the babies to trace the circles for their snowmen.

*In case missed this post the other day, New Principal referred to my darling TN as a "little monster," which pretty much PISSED ME OFF!


C said...

wow- busy busy lil fingers and soooo cute!

love those artsie projects...

wha? they didnt close school yet?

that sucks...

oh, the penis picture ... horse? as in trojan, perhaps?

naaah, too young to know bout those yet...

but OHMYGOD i bet your eyes popped out!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Your little monster is adorable. I can't believe the principal would say such a thing!!!!
I have never seen a horse like that one, but there have been rumors.....

glad you are greening up your class!!!!!!
All of this looks like so much fun, I think I will join the spring!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Hey Chi, I just saw this post and it made me think of you. I don't know if it would ever be an issue in your district, but I thought i would pass it on.

also, do you remember the blogger LMNOP in CA? She is a K teacher too...someone (a parent) found out about her blog and got her into deep doo doo...and she never even talked about the kids. CRAZY.

let me know your thoughts on this.
you can email is in my profile.


KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Boy, you are cock full of photos in this post. Very cute and lively students!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

Uhhh, I meant chock full of photos.

My bad. ;-)

karen gerstenberger said...

There is something about grade-school art projects that makes me SO happy. I love these photos!
And your baby with the beautiful ponytails, all in different holders? A-dorable! Someone put some love and care into her hair!

Mrs. G said...

last year a kid in my class drew a guitar that looked just like the horse's head! haha!

jlo said...

How cute are you? How amazingly creative are your kids? It makes me giggle that we do "snowmen" but really have no reference for them here in CA!

LOVED the horse. It was very well they say.

Change for Good said...

I love your darlings!!! You are the best teacher in the world. Keep it up!

Just much time do you think you spend assessing in K? My mom put in her plan book "assessment" her last year, and she collectively figuered that she assessed for a solid six weeks of the school year....because so many of the tests with the K kids have to be done individually. Just wanted your input.

Vodka Mom said...

I LOVE those snowmen! I am totally making them next week!!

Tracey Axnick said...

A horse? Really?? Hmmm... looks like a circumcised horse to ME.

Anyway, just wanted to POP by and cordially invite you to stop by my new blog... it's still the same ol' me, just with a slightly different slant (and I'm using my "real" name...)

Shocking, I know....


jwg said...

So why did he use only half the page. The story reminds me of all the times kids made forbidden guns out of just about anything, and insisted they were fire hoses.

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Too bad they didn't say they were drawing a penis-- we could have the next Picasso in your class.