Friday, February 5, 2010

Why did this week have 15 days in it?

Sorry, I know I promised to come back and bitch, I mean, fill you in on the rest of my week, but I just haven't been up to it. Today was the perfect shitty ending to a cluster fuck of a week. The highlight of the day - one of my babies was taken away in an ambulance. Oh, no, I am not kidding, I would never joke about that. I'll skip all the details (because I've been fighting passing out all day, from the time it happened, to relaying the story to my sister and Bestest Friend) but this baby had an uncontrollable nosebleed. Oh God, I'm getting lightheaded again just thinking about it, so I have to just stop. Maybe tomorrow, when the nausea subsides, I'll finish writing about my week.


Katy said...

OMG how scary. Were your other babies freaked out too - all that blood can be frightening. Daughter used to get horrible nosebleeds all the time. After awhile I got pretty blase about it but it always freaked out people who witnessed them for the first time.

Have a glass of wine (or three) and rest up - you deserve a break!

Busy Bee Suz said...

OMG...this is horrible.
Poor baby. I hope everything turns out well!!!
take care, Suz

Change for Good said...

I am so sorry about your child leaving in an ambulance. :( Oh my goodness!!!

Your week sounds so bad. I love the spring break ticker. I am certainly on the countdown to that myself.

Do something relaxing for yourself this weekend Lisa! :)

Marcia Moir said...

ChiTown...hope your little one is OK.. as a mom and grandma that's one scary post...also thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment.


Jason, as himself said...


Wow, craziness. When will things calm down?

karen gerstenberger said...

Sounds like platelets (listen to former-Christian Scientist-turned-hospital-mom!). Let us know how the baby is, please...I hope all is well now, with you and the baby.