Friday, March 13, 2009


7:00 am We started our day nice and early! I don't know why I'm always so surprised when I see a picture of Stud Muffin and his best friend. You'd think I'd be used to the size difference by now! They've been best friends since kindergarten, and they've always looked like father & son!

There were SO many boys there early, before school started, that Studly had to come back during his lunch period to get shaved. (The boys weren't allowed to miss class to participate.) I think he had a sudden case of nerves when they finally put him in a chair!

To see what happened in between, check out the boring video! I asked the shaver to go to the skin, but she must not have heard me. Most boys were given a choice of having it shaved to a 1 (what Stud has) or a 0, which is basically to the skin. I think she should have given him a 0. He's still not too sure about the new do...

He got over it pretty quickly, though! (I LOVE this picture of him, his face is so damn cute!!)

I love that they had this set up for photo ops!For some reason, all his friends felt the need to rub his head for luck. It was actually kinda cute.

The boys who participated received a T-shirt, ski cap, button, and some pencils. He likes his hat.

His best bud joined in on the fun. I was going to take a picture of them together, but my battery died!!

Here's Stud Muffin with the local celeb, Pat Elwood. (Go to the previous post to watch some video from Fox News)

Stud looks so much like CSJ now, that it's making me sick to my stomach >:( Especially in this picture. CSJ normally wears a flat-top, but for the 6 months that he was in the police academy, he kept his hair exactly like this. I think I mentioned once before that I used to hold a study group at our apartment every Sunday while he was in the academy, and after it was over, I would shave his and his friend's heads. Every week!

I was able to take some video of the actual shaving, but let me warn you now, it's kinda long and boring. I'm just posting it because I took it!

While Stud was getting shaved, the video clip from the previous post was being filmed. When you hear the crowd start to roar, it's because Pat Elwood was broadcasting and getting his head shaved.

I found out today that Stud Muffin can continue to collect donations for up to a year after the event, so you can still help the cause. Yay! You can click on the link to the right and donate when the time is right for you :) I don't know what the final results were at school as far as who the top fundraiser was. Nonetheless, Stud Muffin had a wonderful total. At last check, it was $2,165!! Thanks so much to all my generous friends out in Blogistan!


Pissed Off said...

This is great. You have a very special son. (Probably takes after his mom.)

The Girl Next Door said...

Way to go StudMuffin! I am proud of you!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So proud of him...and yes, he still looks very cute. Good job!!!
tomorrow Coach, Lo and I are walking for The Susan G. Komen fundraiser...the giving never ends. ;)

C said...

wowsie wow wow.... i think he looks really cool with the shave. he should think about keeping it like that.


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

WOW - give him a big high 5 for me. I'm really proud of him! My 12 year old son watched the head shaving video over my shoulder.... he was VERY interested in this!!!

And honestly, I think your son looks very handsome with the shaved head! It makes him look older and definitely more "manly".

jlo said...

Great job Stud Muffin! I like the new look!

Jason, as himself said...

He looks great! And I love that these guys have such kind hearts.

The Bus Driver said...

i am so proud of studmuffin and i'm not even his mom!! He is doing a wonderful deed by raising money. The up-side is that hair does grow back rather quickly and he's not going to have to deal with most of the itchy ness of freshly growing through the skin

Kudos StudMuffin... and if i could afford to donate, i would.

Anonymous said...

He has the perfect head for that haircut, too bad he looks so much like CSJ. ;)
Congrats Stud Muffin! :)

Smileygirl said...

THat is sooo cool! Don't you think he looks a lot older now too?

Way to go Studmuffin. Such a great thing for him to do.

Bon Don said...

What a cutie pie! Way to go Studmuffin!! We are all so proud :)