Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fundraiser Update

Hi Bloggy Buddies!! I wanted to give you an update on Stud Muffin's fundraising efforts. At the time of this post, he's raised $1,065! He's half-way to his goal of $2,000! There's still a few weeks before the big event, so please consider making a donation to this very worthwhile cause.

Another thing that was updated is that Katie is finally being honored on his page! Yay! If you've never checked out Karen's blog, you should do it right now. Then go to Stud Muffin's page, click on "Children Honored" at the top, and you'll see Katie's info, and her gorgeous picture.

Go on, go! What are you waiting for?!


Busy Bee Suz said...

congrats to the muffin. He is doing a great job. (mom too)
I love reading Karen's thoughts....she is a wise one. :)

C said...

oooh chichi your son is such a beautiful example of the next generation. if more kids were like him, the future would be fantastic! AND he is SO cute, too. you did a good job, cheech. GOOD JOB.


Bow Chica Wah Wah said...

I really want to donate. Gotta wait till pay day! LMAO! (FRIDAY)

karengberger said...

ChiTown, I put links to your page & Stud's on my blog today (and we made a contribution, to help the cause along). THANK YOU BOTH! You two are awesome. God bless you!

Tara said...

What a true "stud muffin" he is! We need more kids with a heart like his in this world!

Great job!!!

karengberger said...

I put a journal update on Katie's CB page about Stud's fundraising. YAHOO! I hope he gets lots of support and encouragement from it. BTW, it snowed here last night. WTH? I think we are having your weather!