Saturday, August 23, 2008

I need a favor...

One of my oldest and dearest friends called me this afternoon to tell me her dad had a stroke this past Thursday. He's currently still in intensive care, paralyzed on his right side. He also can't swallow, which means no eating or drinking. They're using a feeding tube to keep him nourished. If you are a pray-er, please send some prayer for my friend and her family. They could use them.

My friend and her mom are feeling some major guilt right now, as they were out shopping together when this happened. Dad was home alone, and they have no idea how long he was there before they arrived. They left at about 10:30, then called at 11:30, and didn't get an answer. Her mom commented on how that was strange, since Dad always answers the phone. They called a few more times throughout the day, and Mom was getting more and more unsettled. They finally went to the house at 2:30, and found him face down in the hallway. Naturally, she and her mother are certain that he had the stroke about 5 minutes after they left, and that Dad was lying there for hours. I'm hoping to God it was only for a very short while. Unfortunately, they missed that "window of opportunity" in which they could have done something to prevent paralysis, etc., which naturally is adding to their guilt.

Let me thank you now for your prayers, as they can use all they can get.

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suz said...

He is added to my daily list.
Sorry to hear this, very sad for all of them. Guilt is an ugly thing to live with, I hope he recovers.