Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Heart My Brother!!

I'm going to assume that the fact that I'm still running on only 3 hours sleep in the past 48 hours would account for my goofy behavior at the moment. I just burst into tears in my car a few blocks from my house just thinking about my sweet baby brother. Like I mentioned below, he showed up at about a quarter to 2 to help me close up. Well, the big geek ended up making me stay out even later than I wanted! I could have simply turned the locks, shut off the lights, and been on my merry way, getting home by 2:30. But, NO, I had to stay and BS with my brother, so I didn't walk out until 2-freakin'-35! Which would mean it's now after 3am! My son will be home at 6ish, so apparently, I'll be spending another day with only 3 hours sleep. God help me!

Anyway, back to my brother. He had asked me if I had a good night in tips, which we already know I did, but then refused to take any of it. Ugh! That's so irritating! Besides him not making any money tonight, he already paid for the movie Sunday night, breakfast Monday morning and then lunch this afternoon. I know he feels bad that I've been working so much and so hard at the bar, and especially that I've had to put about $120 more in gas each week in my car since we opened the bar. He tries to make up for it with all these "little" things. Which would be great, if he was working every night again, and making some money!! I finally gave up fighting with him after he suggested I take another $20 out of the register for myself. (One of his buddies came in with some friends tonight. One of his friends left me a $20 tip, but I realized after they left that they were about $30 short on their tab [completely unintentionally] so I just threw in the $20)

When he was walking me to my car, he suddenly got this big, silly grin on his face, and he said, "Hey, you got another half a month's tuition tonight! You'll have it all by the end of the summer." He was absolutely and genuinely happy about that, which is so sweet. Anyway, as I was driving home, I was replaying the scene in my mind, and I just suddenly burst into tears. My brother is just so damn sweet sometimes. In case I haven't mentioned it lately, I REALLY LOVE MY BROTHER!

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Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

You are so cute!! I'm so happy you have a brother that is that close to you! :-)

BTW, reading about the tips you make.... I think I need to become a bartender!!!!