Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back to the grind...

It's 1:30am, and I'm sitting here at the bar. It's been empty for about a half hour now. I've done all the cleaning for the night, and I guess I could leave now, but we're really open for another 1/2 hour. I'm always afraid that if I leave early, someone will show up. So, I figured I take a few minutes to catch up on my friends out in the blogosphere.

I had no intention of actually coming in to work tonight. One of our regulars mentioned Saturday night that she was going to bring a big group of her coworkers in tonight to celebrate one of them leaving for a new job. I felt obligated to show up for a while, plus I really like these two girls that come in regularly (one of them lives in one of the condos above the bar.) So, after dropping my daddy off, safe and sound, I ran home to take a shower and get dressed. In the meantime, my brother (who also came to the airport) went home and did the same, and opened the bar. I got here a little before 6, and within half an hour, he was gone!!! So, I worked alone, again! It wasn't crazy busy, but busy enough. Plus, there were some very generous tippers here tonight. My friends' party left me around $65, and all in all, I have $180 in my tip bucket right now. Not too shabby for a Monday night, huh? It's a hell of a lot more than I would have made sitting on the couch tonight, right?

My brother is hoping I'll be able to make enough to cover a year's tuition for my son this summer. I'm up to 4 months worth saved now, so I just may be able to do it. If nothing else, I'm covered until the holidays. My brother wants me to be able to make the tuition money here over the summer because I desperately need a new car (my baby is almost 12 years old!) but I absolutely can NOT swing a car payment and a tuition payment every month. It's absolutely impossible. I already took on a second job during the school year to pay off my grad school tuition, and now the bar is my "third job" to pay for my son's tuition. There just isn't any more of me to go around! So, his big plan, and I believe the reason he keeps having me work (even though that means HE isn't making any money!!) is for me to make as much as possible before school starts. I told him last night that I planned to work at least one night during the week so that he can go back to school. He only needs two classes to finish the program he was in, and I want him to do it, even if he only takes one class at a time. He'll still finish by next spring.

Oo, it's 1:45!! I realize I'm stopping mid-thought but I can lock the doors and get the hell outta here!! Nighty night all!!!

Holy crap!! My brother is here! He came to help me clean, I guess. Little does he know I'm finished!!!

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