Friday, July 4, 2008

Exactly when...

...did I turn into a crotchety old lady? I've been sitting here, pissed off, for most of the day now. My freakin' block sounds like a damn war zone!! These fuckin' people are really pissing me off! I've been tempted to pick up the phone and call the police (since fireworks are illegal here) but the asshole across the street blowing off the majority of the fireworks is a Chicago cop, so what good would that do really? I can't even hear my TV, despite having it turned up almost as high as it goes. It's very cool here in Chicago today (thank you, Jesus) so I have my windows open, and closing them is really not an option, as I really would like to enjoy the fresh air. Assholes! I've been dying to go down the street and pick up some Chinese food, but I'm seriously afraid to even drive down the street because of the sheer amount of explosives being set off right now. Ugh!! I'm even more annoyed by the fact that I'll have to clean up the mess tomorrow from all these jagoffs, just like I have to every year! God, I HATE this holiday!!! Why can't there be a better way to celebrate our country's independence?

Happy Fuckin' 4th of July!! I hope you blow a finger off!

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