Sunday, March 6, 2011

Even I can't believe my luck...

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Do you remember how freakin' excited I was about my great find the other day? Well, take that excitement and multiply it times ten!!

I went downstairs early this morning to clean up the mess Stud and his buddy left from hanging out last night. I saw my new toy sitting on the island, still in it's box and figured, since I'm washing dishes anyway, why not open it and give it a quick wash.

I opened the box and saw this:
"What the hell is that?" I wondered. Well, hot damn!!! Look at what it was!!!!
A Little Dipper!!!! I'm getting all excited again just writing about it! Apparently, I didn't really look at the box when I bought it.Here's my beautiful new crockpot.
And, here is Mama and Baby. Aren't they adorable!? I can NOT believe a snagged the BOTH of them for 7 bucks!!! Woo hoo!
Just for shits and giggles, I used my black and stainless coffee cup today. Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that I'm a dork, thanks for asking!
I took a quick glance around at all the other things in my kitchen that now match. Here's my espresso maker, and next to it, in the corner, my thermal coffee carafes. Oh, and I just noticed my papertowel holder matches, too. Now I'm wishing I had picked up the black coffee pot instead of the white. :(

My Jack LaLanne Power Juicer,And, last, but CERTAINLY not least, my Keurig machine!I almost wish I would have listened to my brother when he tried to convince me to get stainless appliances. I just couldn't see spending the extra money on appliances for the kitchen in my basement. But, they sure would have looked nice...


M said...

Don't you just love surprises?! I love my crock pot too :) And you will need something hot for dinner...I just checked out the temp on your blog..YIKESS! Not for me! Raining here but not cold.
Happy Sunday!

ChiTown Girl said...

Oh, M, don't be such a wuss! It's actually really nice this weekend! I don't even have a coat on! ;-)

Sarahf said...

It all looks great. I'm jealous. Our kitchen has no surfaces, literally, so there's a limit to the amount of appliances we can have.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Do you even have any counter space left???? ;)
Love the lil' baby...I would use that for making crock pot dinners for my cats. LOL.
Or maybe some of that sausage cheese dip the husband loves. Maybe I need one???

C said...

lookit all da matching cute things in your kitchen!!!!!! i am envious, sistah! i love the mama'baby crock set. all of it is soo cute! if we ever make it up to chi town, you will have to cook us summit yummy in EACH of them! lol

Mary A. said...

Black & stainless. . .I luuurrrve IT!

KBL 2 ORD 2 SAN 2 LUV said...

You should start a food blog! I'd use your recipes all the time! said...

ohhh, it was preggo and you didnt even know it? aww, what a granny you are!! bad gramma....go make a special dish for it. lol

so freakin, she looks just like her mudder. course i dont know who her daddy is. lol

i best get busy knittin a blankie for it...hahahaha! everyone gets good deals but me...i just get diseases...not fair!!! i'll trade ya, a crock for a can name it, i got it!! lol

have a good week cheech, xxxx