Saturday, March 26, 2011

I can't stop watching this!!!!

My son showed me this today while we were at my parents' and I almost fell off my stool!! I watched it 3 times, before clicking around on YouTube and watching a few more videos of this little darling. There is no way you won't fall instantly in love with this baby!!!

I love that he's singing along (phonetically, I think?) with such emotion. I especially love the way his little tongue keeps flopping out of his cute little mouth. I LOVE THIS KID!!

Enjoy a little more of his cuteness, won't you?

This one says it's his own composition. I love his mom(?) laughing while taping. This one is probably my favorite because it just oozes joy! I actually started to tear up a little while watching it because this kid is just so joyful, it just makes my heart smile.

You should click around on YouTube and check out the others.

And, you're welcome :)


Anonymous said...

so cute. Chi Town Girl, I can tell you are similar to me and just seeing little kiddies do adorable stuff just makes your heart melt.

I am the biggest sap in my classroom when I work with my little babies. Sometimes I have to hold and contain laughter in from all of the cuteness and random little kid things throughout the day. (since you work with the little kiddies too, I know you know what I mean when I say, 'random little kid things'). : )

Anonymous said...

Since I know how much you love adorable children doing cute things, I came across this you tube video.
Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Chi Town Girl, feel free to rant as much as you want on my blog about Everyday Math. I had to use it for second and third. The pre-k was not so bad actually but that was after I learned how the NYC DOE Math Office wanted the teachers to use it(Math Office was against the EDM Pre-K because they want more center-based. They had to compromise with University of Chicago). It also comes with a great CD that I love.

Be VERY GLAD that you do not have to do TERC/Investigations. It is much much worse!

Change for Good said...

He is so totally precious!!! The emotion is awesome!

I didn't make the cheesecake, our security guard did. It was amazing!

I can SECOND Sweet Girl Tracie!!! We have Investigations 2 and it SUCKS! It wasn't suspicious at all that our sup was friends with one of their VPs....and somehow that was the curriculum chosen for all our 90 elementary schools.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh....I love him. I wonder if he even speaks english???? So talented!!!

jlo said...

Okay. That was adorable. I speak his language!

Maria said...

American Idol?

ModernMom said...

Oh he needs to go on tour!! Adorable:) Thanks for the smile;)

Mrs. G said...

So funny!!! Thanks for sharing!