Thursday, August 8, 2013

Any Biggest Loser fans out there?

Ok, I know, I know.  I said I'd be back with a "real" post days ago.  But, I've been sick, and for some reason, pretty busy the past few days.  But, here's a sneak peak into what the post is going to be about (whenever the hell I finally get around to doing it!!)

Do you know these people?
Now look at the full photo.
Um, yeah.  That's what I'm gonna tell you about.  Hopefully tomorrow. =)


M said...

Now that you've peaked my interest I will have to come back!

Jack said...

Hi, Chi! You look like you're having fun with that running business. I envy you, sort of. I always tell people "If you ever see me running, you'd better get behind something!"

As to hair, guys are more interested in hair than you might think; it's a major part of Milady's look, right? Personally, I like your short and straight pictures; makes you look younger. Let me tell you what to watch out for (though you may have encountered this already). As a child of the 60s, I still grow my hair long, for a guy. It helps that my wife likes it, but I'll cut it pretty short, let it grow to collar length, then cut it again. I find that the weight of it when it's long tends to hold it in place, but when it's been cut, I get out of bed and it's sticking out in every direction. Then we move to the phase it looks like you're at, where every breeze blows it into your eyes, and every bite of food has a dash of hair garnish with it. Don't have any solutions to offer, I'm just well aware of the problem...

You're at the top of my Friends Links at my new site right now, and I've added a book review to the blog. Drop by and see me when you get a chance; it's always evolving over there!