Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Funnies


 This one made me laugh out loud!  I'm CERTAIN I personally know someone who owns this!
 I did this very thing this afternoon.  Decided on clothes, but clothes I wouldn't be seen out in public wearing.  What category does that fall in?

 These last two go out to my teacher friends.  (Hi, Liz!!!)


Sonya Ann said...

I LOVE the one about the slut! Bahahahaha. You made my day.

M said...

Hallelujah to the last one!

Jack said...

Chicago homicide? Gotta get me one of those! Actually, the city where you are most likely to get offed by the pigs is Detroit, hardly a stunning revelation. What surprised me was to find that San Diego is number 4. But if you think about it... SD is in-the-toilet broke like Detroit, and all they can afford to provide their cops is bullets; you want a tazer, buy one yourself! Of course, SD has to put up a front so the tourists will keep coming; Detroit just don't give a shit!

By the way, Los Angeles is number 5. This means if you're planning a crime in Orange County, you better already have figured out whether you're going to run north or south, 'cause you won't be thinking clearly with the OC Sheriff's Deputies chasing you toward certain death no matter which way you choose...

Sorry to report that Chicago didn't make the top five, which surprised me, because we've been having some political corruption here, and I always think about Chicago when that's mentioned. Of course, in Chicago, when you talk about political corruption, somebody winds up in a building foundation. In San Diego, political corruption means that some jerk got a free lapdance and a year's supply of cheeseburgers. We have a motto here: If you're gonna cheat, cheat big!

Love this stuff; keep it coming!

~ Blimprider

jlo said...

Loved the last one! ;) For obvious reasons!