Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This morning when I got to school, I looked into my school bag to get something, and I saw something odd. What's that?
Well, look at that! Someone left a little note on my water bottle!AND on my book!Must be some residual effect from last week's anniversary. tee hee! When I got home from work, I found one more inside my laptop, on the screen. I know, I'm making you sick. Sorry.

Yesterday after school, I drove out to my brother's. My sister and my parents had been there all day, hogging up all the babyness! I picked up my niece, and Stud met us there after he got out of class.

I looked out my brother's balcony and saw all our cars parked in a row. I couldn't help but laugh when I realized that the two on the ends, my sister's and Stud's, are the same color, and the two in the middle, my parents' and mine, are the same color. They're ALL just different shades of gray/silver. I never realized how dull we were!I took a bunch of silly videos of my monkey. Thought I'd be nice and share one with you. :)

She's growing up way too fast!! She'll be walking before we know it. I love how it looks like she's actually standing on her own here. She almost is, really. My sister was just sort of balancing her. Ugh!! She's so darn cute!!!


karen gerstenberger said...

It's so nice to hear you so happy...and your little "monkey" is aDORable.

otin said...

she is sooo cute! As are the little love notes!

Clippy Mat said...

what? love notes?
more, details. please.

cute, cute baby too.

La Roo said...

I want to give you those too!

M said...

Love the XXOO's!
The kid is too darn cute!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Monkey is the cutest baby ever!
Hey, I think I got a patent on the x's and o's!

jwg said...

OK I think it is time you filled us all in on just what the hell is going on with you and the ex, or not ex, or whoever. And yes, she is adorable.