Monday, January 16, 2012

I need a little distraction...

...from this and this. Here's another button I picked up today. Unfortunately, I don't even remember whose blog I stole it from. Sorry. If it was yours, please leave me a comment, so I can give you credit!
I've always had a "thing" for pits, and have always been of the school that believes their bad rap is SO undeserved. I feel even more strongly about it since my brother rescued his pit three years ago. If I ever get another dog, it'll absolutely be a rescued pit. However, it may have to raise itself because I've promised to jump off a bridge before I EVER get another dog!

Here are a couple cute pictures of my brother's dog, just to remind you how cute he is!

You may remember that my neighbor rescued her own pit this past summer. Here's an early puppy picture of Max. He's just about the same size as Pootz these days. I got the sweetest email today from my Bloggy Buddy, Debbie in Japan. Here's a little excerpt..., i was going through some pictures, getting a bit of organization accomplished when i came across this one and was wondering if i had actually sent it to you?? i honestly don't remember. ;-/
we were at one of our most favorite of stores and my youngest was like "you have GOT to see this" and drug me to another part of the store.

This was the photo attached:Can you even freakin' believe it?! Well, wait, some of you don't know this, but Deb is actually just as obsessed with flamingos as I am with penguins. You may remember that she sent me the coolest package a few months ago LOADED with penguin goodies. She freakin' rocks!!! A few weeks later, she sent me another prezzie.

My reply -
Are you freakin' SERIOUS?!?! You didn't stage that?? Awesome! I think it's a sign that we are destined to meet in person on day. :) Thanks for sending me the smile.
She emailed back -
right hand over my heart-left hand in the air swear that i did NOT stage that! awesome, right?!! even koji recognizes total coolness when he sees it!!! ;-D i'm not even really sure what the heck those two figures were doing together....but....i do recognize karma when i see it.....and yes...we WILL meet....someday!!!
have a fantabulous day/evening!!!

It's still cracking me up!


Mark said...

Sadly, our local shelter is 95% pittbulls. In the city, it's "cool" to have these dogs. Unfortunately, they don't take care of them and either release them when they get bored of them or just leave them tied up outside when they move on to another rental. I don't know why the local government doesn't have better breeding rules on them and leave it to the professionals to breed these dogs. Oh well! Poor things. m.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember when the German Shepherds got a bad rap and then the Rotts. I have only heard great things about Pitt Bulls (from people who have raised them) and besides they are soooo cute! I hope this hater phase ends soon for them.

Mary A. said...

While I agree that pits get a bad rap, more often than not they are raised by bad pet owners. They are sweet dogs, but they have strong instincts, and it not handled correctly, there can be disasterous consequences. Nothing frustrates me more than watching a 100lb pit pulling their 120 lb owner through the park. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH TO CONTROL THAT DOG, YOU DO NOT DESERVE THAT DOG.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love pits too....and the humans are to be punished for bad breeding and raising of them!! (I'd love to see a human shelter, oh, wait, that is JAIL!)
I can't see a penguin and not think of you...I can't see a flamingo and not think of Deb and my Aunt Trisha!

Change for Good said...

I saw that Casear quote on my FB feed. A couple in my condo complex had to give up their pitbull because it tripled their homeowner's insurance, and they couldn't make the bill. The guy was especially sad. :(

We have no school today. Why? -25 to -35 wind chill predicted. Not sure how today is different, as we went OUTSIDE yesterday for recess.

dkuroiwa said...

so, i'm doing a bit of catch-up reading of blogs and oh, nice dogs, and then...whaaa? that's MY picture! you nut!! ;)
i'm still grinning over koji finding those two, just hanging out in the coolest store in the mall. too funny.
and i don't know about you, but...i LOVE it when people say, "everytime i see a flamingo, i think of you" (thanks Hello Kitty queen of Florida!)....i like to read those messages on days where things have just not gone the way i wanted them to...knowing someone thought of me helps brighten up the crappiness of that day!