Friday, September 10, 2010


-Stud Muffin brought home some papers this afternoon from his counselor. Luckily, I had already listened to my phone messages, so I knew to expect them. His counselor wants to make a switch in his schedule to move him up a level in math. He and Stud's teacher feel that Stud is bored in the class he's in now, and the move would provide more of a challenge for him. The downside-he'll have to drop the Honors Art class that he's been waiting 2 years to take. Oh, and he won't have lunch until 7th period, which is one period before the end of the day. We'll have to do some serious talking about this move over the weekend.
-New Principal PISSED me off today to the point where I'm still too pissed to even post about it. It seems like this entire year is just going to be one thing after another that's going to piss me off. I think it's all part of her master plan to get me to leave. (I know, I know, I still haven't posted about all this crap that started way back in June. However, I'm trying to cut down on the number of f-bombs I drop here, cuz Suz doesn't like them. ;-) )

-The weather here could NOT be any more perfect. As soon as I hit 'publish' I'm going to go lay my fat ass in my hammock for a while. Maybe I'll start reading one of the books from my summer stack that I never got to read.
-My sister turned 40 on Wednesday (Happy Birthday, Sissy!) and her friends from work are throwing her a surprise party on Sunday. My mom and I are invited. The funniest thing is that the woman who is hosting the party at her house told my sister about the party the day they decided to have it. "Ok, don't tell the other girls I told you, but we're having a surprise party for your 40th birthday. So, just act surprised." That was about a month ago. At this point, the other girls know she knows that there's a party, but they've kept every detail of the party a secret, right down to the menu. That's making it really difficult for me to decide what to make to bring with me. I decided to just make a couple of things I know my sister likes.
-My mom's birthday was yesterday. (Happy Birthday, Mommy!) It was a bitter-sweet day, to say the least. I don't think it's still completely set in that my aunt is gone. We're already dreading the holidays, as that's probably when it's going to hit us full-force.
-A girl in my class made an awesome discovery yesterday. There was a baby guppy in our aquarium! The funniest thing is that this particular girl is kinda blind as a bat, and is supposed to wear glasses, although she almost never has them. The baby guppy is seriously smaller than a grain of rice right now, so I don't know HOW the HELL she saw it! When she discovered it yesterday, she yelled out, "There's a baby fish!!!" I was quite confused, and came to look, but didn't see a thing. Naturally, I thought she was crazy, but she kept on insisting. Finally, I saw what looked like a tiny piece of fish food floating around. I really had to focus to tell that it was actually a fish. I don't think that there's normally only ONE fish born (hatched?) but I think what may have happened is that the snail we had (it bit the dust last week) may have eaten the rest of the eggs, and only this one, lone egg survived. (Sounds a bit like Nemo, doesn't it?) Maybe someone out there actually knows something about the life cycle of guppies, and would like to give me some info. It's quite obvious that I know NOTHING about this subject. Anyway, in honor of the fish being born on my mother's birthday, we named it Rosie. :)

-Finally, my Bloggy Buddy, Karen, bestowed this delightful award upon me yesterday. Thanks, Karen!
The Versatile Blogger Award
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Seven Bits
  1. Although I've wanted to be a kindergarten teacher since I was IN kindergarten, when I started jr. high, and started taking French, I decided that I wanted to be an interpreter at the UN. I took French for two years in jr. high, then continued in high school. I also took 3 years of Spanish in high school, as well as two more years in college. I've (obviously!) been immersed in Italian my entire life. Now, can any of you explain to me why I can't speak ANY of these languages?! I like to say I understand Italian fluently (cuz I do!) but I couldn't get a word out of my mouth to save my life! I have spoken more Spanish, and even French, then I ever have Italian. It just PISSES my parents off, I must say!
  2. I'm completely obsessed with Super Mario Brothers 3. I have an original Nintendo console and a Super Mario Brothers 3 cartridge that I still played up until I got myself a Wii last year. Then I bought and downloaded the Wii version. LOVE IT!
  3. At some point in my life, I would like to live in Seattle. (Sorry, Laura!) Not permanently, just for a while.
  4. My favorite kid's movie of ALL time is The Lion King. When Stud was little, we went through 3 VHS tapes because we watched it every single day. Sometimes more than once. We now have it on DVD.
  5. I have a serious magazine addiction. Even though I've cut WAY back on the number of subscriptions I have, I still subscribe to 9 magazines.
  6. My super secret fantasy (no, not THAT one!) is to be a professional singer.
  7. I am the worst housekeeper in the world. I'm always expecting Oprah or Neicy Nash to come knocking on my door one day! But, hell, I would LOVE it, cuz that would mean somebody would finally clean my house!
Wow, that's a pretty random list of things, isn't it?

I actually stopped during this post to take Stud to dinner and the store, so I missed my chance to read in my hammock. However, I may still go lie out there for a while and listen to the crickets and enjoy the cool breeze. I'm SO happy I don't have to go to the Hell-Hole tomorrow!! Too bad I have to have Buster at the vet by 7:30 am. :(


Busy Bee Suz said...

You are so funny. And random. Glad I have influenced you to drop the potty mouth. Do you feel cleaner? :)
Stud Muffin does have a dilemma on his hands. Hard when you are TOO smart!

Clippy Mat said...

oh no I couldn't possibly handle the pressure of accepting that award. Then I'd have to write a whole post and you know how hard I find that to be. Then I'd have to think of 15 other bloggers and you've already covered most of 'em here cos we read practically the same ones. then I'd have to think of 7 things?? what? please no. Don't do this to me.
I already lie awake at night wondering if I'll ever be inspired to blog again like I did before. that's bad enough.
I'm going to be counting sheep all night now.
but I do love you for thinking of me.

C said...

i so enjoy reading your witty blog my lil chi-town gem..
i will give the meme a try but i cant promise...

i bet you are so proud of the stud meister! around here, they have the high schoolers begin college level courses for times such as these. is that an option?
2 of my kids had to do that and it really helped... and erm, why, if he does that, cant he take his class that he wants? i dont understand that.

hugs sistah...

Tracey Axnick said...

You are so cute! Thank you for my award!

I loved your list of things....
Super Mario Bros? I woulda never guessed! :)

Oh, and btw, you're the SECOND worst housekeeper in the world, because I am the FIRST WORST (first worst? is that an acceptable phrase?) :)

Last, I was a FRENCH major in college (briefly...) How much French do you think I can still speak? NONE! ZERO! Except: "Je ne parle pas francais... parlez-vous anglais?" (Such an ugly American, I am!)

Katy said...

Hey! Thanks! Now I have to think of seven things, hmm.... :)

Jen said...

Thanks hon! I'm nothing if not random. ;) said...


well, i screwed that all up royally! i didn't do the link back right, or post any of the other stuff that you all posted! i'm a useless cut and paster! geez louise! but thanks for thinking of me, i did try, and i pasted it with you and chris' name on it. blahhhhhh, i don't do good at computers.....she has to set up my blog for me! lol but i love your blogs and i read all of them, just never get around to posting as often as she does. she has all the creativity in the family i guess. have a great week. and thanks again.

Change for Good said...

Thanks for the award! I'll work on putting my stuff up! :)

I am sorry about the principal. I wish I got paid for the number of f=bombs I drop. haha! I am so happy about how small your class is! You will be able to do wonders with them. :)

Katie said...

I love, love my hammock too! Aren't they the best?