Friday, September 10, 2010

Email of the Day 2

My Bloggy Buddy, dkuroiwa, sent me this great music video today. It's by The Penguins!!! And, on a funny note, the first song on my wedding video is Earth Angel! It plays during the part where I'm getting dressed and ready for the wedding. Too funny! Thanks, D!


C said...

i know you lerve penguins... aww this was nice of her..

some day cheech i'm gonna dress me and diane up in penguin outfits and be sittin on yo' porch when you get home!!

bwahahaha but we are vaginatarian penguins... just give us veggies...;)

dkuroiwa said...

my hub saw the video and asked why i was sending it to someone....when i explained that you like penguins like i like flamingos, he just shook his head, smiled and i'm not sure, but there might have been some chuckling!!
i hope you have a super weekend!!