Monday, February 16, 2015

What did YOU do for Valentine's Day?

Ok, so Magnum turned 50 last Friday.  I know I've posted more than once about how his birthday is the day before Valentine's Day, and how I always used to make it a big, combined celebration back in the day.  Well, I managed to tie the two together again this year.  I surprised him the night of his birthday with concert tickets.  For a concert that was the next night.  Valentine's Day.  And, man, did I do good....

We went to see........

Ok, they actually look more like this now.....

 We freakin' saw Fleetwood Mac!!!

Man, oh man, did they put on an incredible show!!  I don't know if you are aware of this, but they are no longer spring chickens. (Mick 67, John 69, Christine 71, Lindsey 65, Stevie 66)  We were seriously impressed with the show they put on that night.  They played for 2 1/2 hours, with no intermission.  There was a point, about half-way through, where everyone but Lindsey Buckingham went backstage for a few minutes, and he did a solo, but it was less than 10 minutes.  We were amazed at their stamina.

Speaking of stamina, let me just say, Lindsey Buckingham is a freakin' MACHINE!  That man was up and down, back and forth, all over that stage.  He can still play that guitar like a rock star.  It was incredible.

Stevie's pipes aren't quite what they used to be, but she still sounded great.  She can't quite hit the top of her range anymore, so she adjusted a few notes here and there.  But, it took nothing away from the show.  And, let me tell you, she can still dance and move, and play The Diva.  (She actually did two costume changes, which for some reason, amused the hell out of Magnum.)

It was really just an awesome night.  We were cracking up, though, at the crowd.  They were all geezers like us!  Most of the men were gray and/or bald, and we lost count of the number of canes/walkers/wheelchairs we saw.  For real!  We thought it was so funny.  Although, I didn't think it was funny when none of them stood up during the show.  I was dying to get up and dance, like I've done at every single other concert I've ever been to.  But, I didn't want to stand in front of the people behind me unless they were standing, so I just kept my behind in my seat.  Although, we DID get up during the encores, and I got my boogie on.  There was a group one section over, and a few rows back, from us, who were up and dancing the whole time.  I kept telling Magnum that I wanted to move over where they where, but I didn't want to make the people in my row stand up and let me out!

While we were waiting to get into the venue, we noticed a sign hanging on the wall above the doors.  It was one of those "we are not responsible....." type postings.  But, in the wording, the old name for the venue (The Rosemont Horizon) was used.  (It is now called the Allstate Arena.)  That made me think about the very first time I was there.  (Actually I feel like I shared this story before...)  It was the very first concert I ever went to, and Magnum took me.  We went to see ZZ Top.  As we were talking about that night, it suddenly occurred to me that that was ALSO for Magnum's birthday.  His 21st, to be exact.  It was almost 29 years to the day.  (I actually looked it up, and that concert was on Feb. 27)  The part I think I shared before is how, after the concert, on our way out, I fell down a whole flight of stairs.  Magnum jokingly asked if I was planning to do that again that night and I said, "Jeez, I hope not, cuz this time I'd probably break a damn hip!"  He then made some kind of crack about how he'd just borrow a walker from somebody there for me.  Ah....the joys of aging....

I hope you all did something great for your Valentine's Day, too. =)


Sonya Ann said...

What an awesome gift!!!! Why do we have to age? Its the worst plague ever!

joe said...

Christine's lookin' pretty good

Funny in My Mind said...

Is it bad that I recognized the newer version of the band? My favorite song by FM? Gypsy I did do something for Valentine's Day (hint: it involved airports, a power outage and a canceled dinner on the beach, it was rescheduled)

Clippy Mat said...

Awesome Cheech. It sounds wonderful. I went to a concert once where all the people were old too and then I realized they were my demographic. It's not fun. You're just a spring chicken tho'.

Melanie said...

Hi friend! I'm so glad you had a good time. I love the picture of you laughing and enjoying yourself so much. Our Valentine's came on Wednesday because we have a newborn, but we did have some Mexican dinner on Saturday with my preggo sister and her hubby while my big boys went to a jump place for some actual fun. I'm not complaining! Also, I love how you sound so much like me, making your decisions based on what others are doing and not wanting to ruffle feathers. I kinda hate that about myself sometimes because I miss out on having fun because I'm worried about bothering other people. I'm my mama's daughter!

Karen Gerstenberger said...

How FUN! That sounds like a great way to celebrate your man's birthday and the romantic holiday.

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